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The starting material for polymerization reactions is a n monomer The various shapes taken on by an organic molecule are known as conformations The term used to describe the geometry of a carbon atom involved in a triple bond is linear According to Markovnikov s rules when HCl reacts with the molecule shown which product will result CH3 2C CHCH3 HCl CH3 2CClCH2CH3 Which of the statements about the behavior of the element carbon in organic molecules is incorrect When carbon forms four single bonds the bond angles are 90 degrees The commonly accepted mechanism for explaining alkene reactions involves formation of carbocations Elements in Period 3 or below don t always obey the octet rule because they can use s p and d orbitals for bonding A chemical bond formed between two identical atoms is a an covalent bond A bond where he electrons are shared unequally is called a n polar covalent bond A molecule is which the central atom has no lone pairs and forms four single bonds is said to have a tetrahedral shape Which substance is not reactive with respect to alkanes H2 A rearrangement reaction can best be described as a reaction in which a single reactant undergoes reorganization of is chemical bonds producing an isomer of the reactant Which family of organic molecules is a hydrocarbon Aromatic The most common reactions involving aromatics are substitution reactions The carbon dioxide molecule is linear The electronegativities of C and O are 2 5 and 3 5 respectively Based on these values and on consideration of molecular geometry the C O bond is polar and the molecule is non polar Which phase most accurately describes the structure common to all aromatic compounds Identical bonds between all 6 carbon atoms with 6 electrons moving freely How many carbon atoms are there in the longest continuous chain of the molecule shown CH3 2CH CH2 5 CH3 8 The arene or aromatic functional group is often represented as a six membered ring with three double bonds How many hydrogen atoms are contained in a molecule of 1 4 hexadiene 10 A chemical bond formed when two atoms share three pairs of electrons is a triple bond it is best described as covalent The functional group illustrated by R O R is an ether Markovnikov s Rule refers to the orientation an unsymmetrical reagent will take when added to an unsymmetrical alkene A molecule in which the central atom forms one double bond and two single bonds is said to have a trigonal planar shape Which element is the least electronegative Hydrogen Which of the following reactions involves addition of two different elements to an alkene Which group is the best description of the properties of alkanes Flammable non reactive Hydrohalogenation insoluble in water What element listed is the most electronegative Chlorine When a reaction system is at equilibrium the rates of the reaction in the forward and the All of the following are common reactions of benzene except hydrogenation Bromobenzene can be prepared from benzene by reaction with Br2 and FeBr3 reverse directions are exactly equal A reaction is said to be exothermic if the bonds formed during the reaction are stronger than the bonds broken When an alkene undergoes a hydration reaction the product is an alcohol An alkaloid is best described as any basic compound obtained from a plant Compounds of the type R2CH OH are referred to as secondary alcohols The alcohol which contains two carbon atoms has the common name of grain alcohol is ethanol Which molecule listed is heterocyclic Pyridine An amine that is insoluble in water can be made to dissolve by adding it to an aqueous solution of HCl Which compound is a tertiary alcohol 2 methyl 2 hexanol If methylamine reacts with hydrochloric acid the major product will be methylammonium chloride The reaction conditions which would result in formation of disulfides from thiols are mild oxidizing The common name of CH3CH2OH is grain alcohol Which molecule would be the most acidic Phenol When the nitrogen atom in an organic compound has four covalent bonds it is called a The molecule CH3CH2CH2OCH2CH3 can be classified as an ether quaternary ammonium ion Treatment of CH3CH2OH with an excess of oxidizing agent will produce a carboxylic acid Which property of thiols makes them useful as additives to natural gas Odor When an amine behaves as a base it gains a hydrogen ion to form a n ammonium ion The molecule with three carbon atoms with an OH group on each and used as a moisturizer is glycerol Rubbing alcohol is composed of isopropyl alcohol Which compound would you expect to have the lowest boiling point Methane Which alcohol should be used to produce 4 methyl 2 pentene by dehydration 4 methyl 2 Strong oxidation of primary alcohol will produce a carboxylic acid Amines are classified by the number of carbons attached to the carbon bonded to the nitrogen pentanol The common name of CH2 OH CH2OH is ethylene glycol antifreeze Oxidation of a tertiary alcohol will produce no reaction Which class of amines can form intermolecular hydrogen bonds 1 2 3 degrees The reverse reaction of acetal formation is hydrolysis In the production of an ester the carboxylic acid loses which atom or group of atoms The OH group Reduction of an aldehyde produces a primary alcohol When an amine reacts with a carboxylic acid at high temperatures the major product is an amide What is the element that causes oxidation in the Tollens test for aldehydes Silver Which observation denotes a positive Tollens test A silver deposit forms on the glass surface When an alcohol reacts with phosphoric acid the product is referred to as a phosphate ester Which of the following is not a property of aldehydes and ketones They cannot form hydrogen bonds with water because they have no hydrogen atoms bonded to oxygen The ion formed from a carboxylic acid is called the carboxylate anion When an amide is hydrolyzed under basic conditions the products are an amine and a carboxylate ion Reduction of aldehydes and ketones is a two step reaction involving the H and H ions To what class of compounds does glucose belong Cyclic hemiacetal The reactants needed to produce simple polyamides nylons are diacids and diamines Oxidation of an aldehyde produces a carboxylic acid Which type of compound does not contain a carbonyl group Amine The IUPAC name for acetone is 2 propanone The correct name for CH3CH CH3 CH2COCH3 is 4 methyl 2 pentanone The solubility of compounds containing the carboxylic acid group can be increased by reaction with

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