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HIS 4930 Midterm Review Essay 1 I People look back on the 1950s as innocent family times A Consumer from generation of sacrifice to consumer world with homes and cars Migration to the Sun Belt we now have A C Credit Televisions homes cars garages TV Dinners The Apartment C C Baxter eats frozen meals B American Exceptionalism democracy and capitalism has made America the world leader of ideas and hope 25 rise in Real Incomes Highest standard of living in the world presidents were usually war heroes C Family Roles Television promotion of sex roles Man Great Provider Be the Head of a Big Corp CEO Head of Govt Fit IN 1 The Apartment C C Baxter is worried about moving up in job more than anything else 2 Raymond Shaw became the head of his company Woman Great Consumer Obligated to be sexy Succeed by NOT rocking the boat Fall in love at first sight West Side Story with Maria and Tony and talk about marriage very soon Marry high school sweetheart that you meet at the dance Women stay at home and do womanly things 1 West Side Story Jets not allowing the female in the gang 2 bernardo not letting maria out 3 Maria is not allowed to have a low cut dress because of her brother bernardo 4 Manchurian Candidate Raymond Shaws mother Eleanor worked behind the scenes while her husband Senator John was the face If not married women work certain jobs 1 Psycho Marion Crane worked as a secretary 2 West Side Story PR girls were seamstresses 3 The Apartment Fran Kubelick worked in the elevator She could not spell II Change A Emergence of a Youth Culture Rock and Roll Elvis Presley Movies Rebel Without a Cause Hugh Hefner SEX 1 West Side story alludes to raping and sex B Poverty 22 4 of population in Poverty 1 West Side Story all the boys are poor 39 5 Million Americans Rural and Urban Poverty C The 1960S Racism 1 West side story shows the struggle between races Military Interventions Consumerism Conformity Gender Roles 1 The Apartment Fran is upset at being the other woman Not what she should be doing Politics Essay 3 A Origin Jim Crow Laws Segregation Great Migrations North to get away from Southern oppression Lynching men even in Uniform Fought for country then not tolerated when they get back Barley any jobs The Apartment only show white people hired in the company Accused of rape Plessy V Ferguson Separate but equal B Litigation NCAAP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Focused on gaining equality and rights Founded by W E B DuBois Brown V Board of Education in 1954 school integration Boynton V Virginia interstate travel C White s Response Whites Citizens Council 1954 american supremacist organization known for opposition to racial integration its issues involved the protection of the european american heritage Southern Manifesto 1956 all senators and mostly all representatives signed manifesto supreme court is abusing its power and has no hand in how the south organizes its school Governors wouldn t listen to the decision in Brown V Board West Side Stories show white supremacy from the Jets and the police officer Schrank D Modern Day Civil Rights Movement Mobilizing top down Organizing bottom up Montgomery Bus Boycotts with Rosa Parks Woolworth s Lunch Counter Sit Ins Freedom Rides Voter registration drives Albany Movement Birmingham Campaign Essay 4 1 Foreign Cinema Movies went abroad to save money Strong British influences Dr Strangelove James Bond 2 Cold War Hyped up on the emotions and scares of the audience The Manchurian Candidate Fail Safe 3 Literary Based Films film industry really started looking into literary works for ideas 4 War Films Remember the good old days of when we were war heroes Fail Safe in a sense 5 Light Hearted Fare 6 Clean Teen Coming of Age movies Beach parties Young love Dances 7 Westerns Living off past glories 8 Musical not a good time for musicals but three real famous ones escape from reality West Side Story won 10 academy awards Sound of Music My Fair Lady 9 Walt Disney magical cartoon for kids and family 10 Horror intense music escape from reality Psycho Rosemary s Baby 11 Daring Films film censorship decrease Motion Picture Association of America MPAA The Apartment To Kill a Mockingbird 12 Changing Times social change issue race sex gender rolls Essay 5 I JFK Young and attractive Energetic and stylish couple Average everyday family catholic liberal WWII Hero II Economics Wellfare Social Security Minimum Wage Increase Unemployment Economic Stimulus to jump start economy III Civil Rights Equal Employment Opportunity Committee Interstate Commerce Commission Federal Jobs for African Americans IV Women Equality in education Equality at the workplace Equality under the law

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FSU HIS 4930r - Midterm Review

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