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Test 4John Fradel12/10/12Texas:Regions:Piney WoodsBig Thicket  extremely pollutedRolling Hills  Blue Bonnet FlowersPanHandelMagic Valley  more of a floodplain then a valley, Lots of OJ and grapefruit grown hereCitiesHoustonOil Capital of the WorldU.S. HQ of SpaceExtremely Large cityTexas M.D.Supplies Drug Trade WeaponsDallasCattle capital 1925 Cotton center of U.S.Exxon, At-t, Southwest airlnes, Radio ShackSan AntonioHispanic capital of U.S.The Alamo is hereInstitute of Texas culture (muesom)River front Bar area  “River Walk”American Health Recovery2nd Class Oil Companies (Kangaroo, Pilot, The Nascar one)Clear Channel Communications (Radio company owns many radio stations)AustinUltra LiberalParty Capital of TexasUni of Texas research CenterInformation Technology centerDellWhole Foods Live music Capital of the WorldCorpus ChristiBiggest Deep Water PortArmy Navy basesArmy helicopter repair centerRio Grande Valley (multi cities)Citruis GrowingCotton, Maize, Sugar Cane1# Grape FruitWinter Watermelon, Tangerines, LemonsMaquilodres Mexican Factories very close to U.S. borderAmarilloCapital of State plain regionPanexNuclear research Facilities (1of11)Helium Capital of the WorldMeat packing center of U.S.Capital of Cotton IndustryOspry manufacturingBRAC  Base Re-Alignment CommitteeEl Paso (Waurez)Major Transit point for NAFTADrug Smuggling and Human Trafficing One of lowest crime rates in AmericaFt. Bliss  many jobs soon b/c BRACHomeland Security, DEA, Border PatrolCall CentersOnce Blue Jean CapitalMontana2nd largest state behind Texas (land)900k population called “Big Sky Counry”BillingsMiddle Rail Road stop between St. Louis and Seattle Service Centers, Business CentersMining Oil and CoalButte 34k popOne of mining capitalsCenter of Left Wing UnionsFormer Cooper, Aconda, Sarco Now Silver1890 Gold Rush“looks like a mining town”HelenaState capital  #1 employer 40%Mining #2 silverGlacier NPWyoming500k popNatural gas, Coal, and OilCheyenne State CapitalDistribution CenterWarren Air Force BaseCasperAll west Trails come through here (Oregon, Mormon, California trails)Oil Capital of WyomingJackson HoleMovie Star mountain HomesTourism because of Yellowstone/Grand TetonsVery Democratic Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Grand Teton NPYellowStone NPDevils Tower NpIdaho15 mil pop14 Largest State (Land)Very Green, environmentally friendly and renewable energyCalled the “Gem State”Garnett gem found here as in Garnett and Gold65% mountainsHigh technology, Ski Resorts and AmmoIrragated agriculture due steppe like land  Grows PotatoesBoiseSemiconductor manufactor / ChipsMicron, Hp printers, MicrosoftHQ of Albertsons and WindcoState Capital Horrible Football team  Boise State UniversityPocatello (Idaho Falls)300k popON company produces Semiconductors Idaho Nuclear research LabPotatoes CapitalGateway to Yellowstone NPColorado5 mil popThe Government employs majorityEnergy Industry strong 2nd (Natural G, Coal, Oil)Winter tourismDenverNOAA HQ, National Standards HG, U.S. Geo Survey, U.S. MintCourt of AppealsNew Mount MiningHigh technologyMany Federal EmployeesColorado Springs 700k Broadmoor  Super nice resort presidents stay atAir Force AcademyFt. CarsonPikes PeakTech CompaniesUltra ConservativeNew Mexico2 mil pop 50% Hispanic 28% Espanol es primo language Provides 10% of all Oil and Gas for U.S.Santa FeVery Artistic city 2nd largest art gallery in U.S.Adobe Building mandatory Spanish Roofs Made of clayState Capital45 mins away from Los Alamos Nuclear labAlbuquerque 1 mil popHigh Education levelHigh education level lots of undergrad/grad degreesMany Native American ReservationsKirkland Air Force Base 6th Largest base in the world Sandia labs, another nuclear research labRespitory Research InstituteTempurpetic mattressIntel ChipCarl’s bad Caverns NPUtahPF Wasatch Mountains, Great Salt LakeRegion Dixietried and failed to grow cotton now old people gather hereSalt Lake City2.3 mil pop 49% MormonHQ of Mormon faith  Temple and TabernacleInternet Banks have no restrictionsMajor tech CompaniesAncestry.com + EbayHQ of United Potato growers of AmericaHosted 2 Winter OlympicsArizona14th for pop 6th for land7.5 mil pop 40% Hispanic15% Native American Apache and Navajo10% Illegal Indians85% of Land Federal, State or Reservation ownedOverwhelmingly Roman CatholicMines 60% of U.S.’s CopperPhoenix12th largest metro35% HispanicHigh College Education levels1. Manufacturing2. Tourism“Valley of the Sun”Fresh water limitationAir Plane PartsFree Port-McMorran 3rd biggest mining cooperation on Earth3 Air Force BasesUni of Phoenix online schoolArizona State UniTucson1 mil pop 50% Hispanic“Silicon Desert”1. Technology2. Uni of ArizonaCatholic Cathedral with Mariachi Band Air plane graveyardArsco-Felps Dodge miningGrand Canyon NpNevada2.6 mil pop7th largest state (land)87% of land controlled by Fed Gov10% state ownedGDP comprised of 20% gambling 50% tourismLas Vegas “Sin Ciy”2mil pop31 mil tourist a yearGambling, Sports, television and FilmMarriage Capital of the WorldHit bad by housing RecessionReno (Carson city)420k popTrucke Meadows “Biggest little City in the World”Divorce Capital of U.S.Manufactures gambling equipmentLouse  wind-blown sediment created glaciersWashingtonColombia River 2nd most hydroelectric power Seattle3.5mil metro 670k city limit pop100 miles to Canadian Border #1 trade with Asia10% Asian5% Hispanic15% Gay10% HomelessLargest Somalian Cambodian Laotian populations in U.S.65k median house hold incomeSeatech 12k Airport, SeaportBirthplace of Grunge music has alternative music museumBumbershoot Music Festival Boeing 70kMicrosoft started hereCoffee  Seattle’s best, Starbucks, Tully’sSeattle cont.Lumber products Nintendo USA, Amazon.com, Real Music player, Classmates.com, ExpediaAlaskan AirNordstromCostcoT-mobileTacomaSeaport employs 28kFt. Lewis McCord employs 54kMore rain the SeattleGardening is serious businessTulip Bulb GardensMnt. Rainer NPSpokaneCapital of Washington’s North Inland EmpireLargest Russian Population of United States The lie lack cityRich Agriculture RegionTimber, agri, and mining#1 Potlack-Plywood sells to ChinaProduces 58% of U.S. apples47% of cherries 95% of rasberries Largest Free Wifi district of any city in U.S.Fairchild A.F. base 9kOregonPortland “City of Roses”Rose CapitalBlaze, type of Rose reason for NBA team name Portland Trailblazers, who

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