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What are the three core types of the nodes found in the palette? Input, Output, Function A _____ is a defined geographical territory to which you can deploy your applications. region On which platform are Watson IoT Platform recipes available? IBM Developer Which key feature is responsible for threat detection? Risk management How do you connect a device that has a Bluetooth module to Watson IoT Platform? By using a gateway device that supports a connection with Bluetooth and is connected to a WAN (supports HTTP APIs). Which tool can be used in the gateway device to analyze the data? Edge Analytics In Watson IoT Platform, ______ and ______ are considered technologies that can be used to build applications. Node-RED Java Which database type is NOT available on IBM Cloud? Graph DBMS Which one of the following areas is not a key area of Watson IoT Platform? Data Management What is included in NoSQL database services on IBM Cloud? Cloudant You want to store classified images in Cloudant DB. Which HTTP method can be used to apply this operation by using Cloudant REST APIs? POST Which Watson service can be used to enhance an IoT solution that is used to differentiate between humans and animals? Visual Recognition What is used to create, update, list, and delete devices with Watson IoT Platform? HTTP REST APIs How are HTTP REST APIs capable of determining connection problems? By listing device connection log events This study source was downloaded by 100000850273726 from CourseHero.com on 07-27-2022 09:00:36 GMT -05:00https://www.coursehero.com/file/77263487/IoTCertication2020pdf/What does API stand for? Application programming interface What is generated when you create or modify a Cloudant document? A revision number Which of the following items is NOT a valid HTTP method? UPDATE _____ and _____ are the most commonly used data format in REST APIs JSON XML The Palette Manager contains which two tabs? Node tab Install tab What are two advantages of Flow-based programming? It is an effective way to produce reliable and maintainable large business applications. The processes inside an application can be reconnected endlessly without having to be changed internally. What can Node-RED be deployed on? IBM Cloud Raspberry Pi What are two features of Node-RED? browser-based flow editing social development Which two nodes are examples of Input nodes? inject node MQTT node When describing the data chunks that are transmitted between asynchronous processes in flow-based programming, what is the name of structured data chunks? Information packets What are usually sent from Watson IoT Platform to devices as actuation commands? Commands Which set of network protocols is used to communicate the IoT sensor devices to the gateway? This study source was downloaded by 100000850273726 from CourseHero.com on 07-27-2022 09:00:36 GMT -05:00https://www.coursehero.com/file/77263487/IoTCertication2020pdf/the Sensor Area Network Which statement is NOT true about MQTT? MQTT connects devices to the Watson IoT Platform by using the HTTP REST API. What does MQTT stand for? Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Which two communication standards are used in the wide area network (WAN)? MQTT HTTP What is the first element in the IBM IoT basic reference architecture? device or gateways What is one of the Information Management quadrant responsibilities in Watson IoT Platform? integrating structured and unstructured data from devices, people, and the world around us For the main categories, how can the available IoT platforms be categorized? Consumer IoT platforms, Open-source IoT platforms, Industry-based IoT platforms In general, the publish and subscribe pattern is composed of the following components: Publisher, subscriber, and broker Which is true about QoS=1? It is the default mode of transfer. What is the prerequisite to install Node-RED on a local machine? Install Node.js Which protocols can you use to make local Node-RED send CPU Utilization information available to Node-RED on the cloud? MQTT http For the use case that targets the most reliable communication using MQTT, what is the recommended quality of service (QoS)? QoS=2 Which version of MQTT is referred to as MQTT-SN? This study source was downloaded by 100000850273726 from CourseHero.com on 07-27-2022 09:00:36 GMT -05:00https://www.coursehero.com/file/77263487/IoTCertication2020pdf/MQTT v3.1.1 In QoS=1, if the sender does not receive an acknowledgment: The message is sent again with the DUP flag set until an acknowledgment is received. What does GIS refer to? Geographic Information System What is used by Cloudant Geo to index data? Design Documents What is a key advantage of IBM Cloud Geo? You can search for documents that are based on a spatial relationship What is the quality of service (QoS) provided by MQTT that acts as fire and forget? QoS=0 What are the three core types of the nodes found in the palette? Input, Output, Function The Risk Management quadrant is NOT responsible for which option? integrating structured and unstructured data from devices How do you extend the device management capabilities in Watson IoT Platform? By using REST APIs What is the identifier for a registered device in Watson IoT Platform? Device ID What is Cloud Foundry? An open source project with an open contribution and open governance model that gives users maximum flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in. Which parameter value must be added to a query to allow you to retrieve all documents from a Cloudant database? include_docs = true Which statement is true regarding REST API? This study source was downloaded by 100000850273726 from CourseHero.com on 07-27-2022 09:00:36 GMT -05:00https://www.coursehero.com/file/77263487/IoTCertication2020pdf/A REST API is an architecture style for building resources on the web. Which two statements are true about Watson IoT Platform and IBM Cloud? Watson IoT Platform uses some of the hosted services from IBM Cloud, such as storage and analytics services. Watson IoT Platform is hosted as a service over IBM Cloud. Which two roles are available to manage access in the Watson IoT Platform? Member roles API roles In Watson IoT Platform security rules, custom connection rules can be applied to ______. Device type Which option describes IBM Watson IoT Platform Edge? It allows the data to be processed inside the gateway before being sent to the cloud. By default, the Sidebar in the Node-RED

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