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MATH 2510: Introduction to StatisticsSection 581, Summer 2012Instructor: Kevin Manley, PhDCourse Website: http://euclid.colorado.edu/~manleykEmail: [email protected]: Math 237Office Hours: MTuWF: 1-2pm, by appointment, and online (to be determined)Class Meeting: None (the class is completely online!)About the course:In MATH 2510 we will study elementary statistical measures, introduce commonstatistical distrib utions, statistical inference, and hypothesis testing. You are expected to have alreadymastered basic algebra skills. The prerequisite for this course is two years of high school algebra. If youhave not mastered that material, Math 1011 (College Algebra) might be a more s uitable course for you totake.About the Text:The textbook, Understandable Statistics, (9th ed.) by Brase and Brase, is available inhardcover online. There is also an e-book edition that comes with your subscription to Aplia (required;see the homework section). Either is acceptable, but you must buy an Aplia subscription. Note that thee-book expires an d will disappear after the course ends . If you want a permanent version, buy the papercopy as well.Homework:You will have homework for every lecture. It will be a lot of work, but that’s how youlearn math. We will be using an interactive online homework system called Aplia. You will needto purchase this homework package f rom http://www.Aplia.com. The homework will be posted athttp://www.Aplia.com. Any homework n ot turned in on time will earn a grade of zero. However, yourlowest two homework grades will be d ropped; the average of the remaining homework grades will accountfor14of your semester course grade. If you give me a note from a medical or psychiatric doctor, on thedoctor´s stationery or on the stationery of a hospital or clinic (like Wardenburg), signed by the doctor, andincluding dates (written-in by the d octor) on which you were too sick to do homework and/or come toclass, or have a university sponsored excuse, I will give you an extension.Online Recitation:There will also be an online recitation, run by Heather Mc Bryde, the learning assis-tant f or this class. The discussions sh e assigns are meant to increase your understanding of th e materialand will count for112of your semester grade.Midterm Exams:There will be one midterm exam, which I will email to you July 2nd and due (viaemail, slipped under my door, or postmarked by) 5pm, July 6th. Write these down on your calendarNOW. The midterm exam will count for13of your semester course grade. Note that they are intended tobe about 90 minutes long, so you should have ample time.Final Exam:The final exam will be emailed to you August 6th and w ill be due 5pm, August 10th.The final exam WILL NOT be cumulative and will count for13of your grade.Calculators:You will need a scientific calculator for the work in class, homework, and exams. Note thatthis is the only electronic device you are allowed to use on any of the exams. Also note that you will notbe allowed to use that statistics packages in the calculator. Doing th e calculations the long way will helpyou to un derstand what is actually going on.Semester Grades: Your semester grade will be determined by your homework (14), your recitation grad e(112), your midterm exam (13), and and your final exam (13).More Help:From time to time, you’ll probab ly find yourself a little confused or in need of clarification.When that happens, please email me. I’ll reply within 2 bus iness days (barring b izarre circu mstances,usually within the same day). I post notes for every section we cover (and s ome we don’t) on the coursewebsite. These are meant to supplement, clarify, and sometimes correct th e reading in the text.Testing Accommoda tions:If you qualify for accommodations because of a disability, please submit tome a letter from Disability Services in a timely manner so that your needs can be addressed. DisabilityServices determines accommodations based on documented disabilities. Contact: 303-492-8671, Center forCommunity N200, and http://www.colorado.edu/disabilityservices.If you have a temporary medical condition or injury, see guidelines at http://www.colorado.edu/disabilityservices/go.cgi?select=temporary.htmlDisability Services’ letters for students with disabilities indicate legally mandated reasonable accommo-dations. The syllabus statements and answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found at http://www.colorado.edu/disabilityservices.Campus Policy Regarding Religious Observances:Campus policy regarding religious observancesrequires that faculty make every effort to deal reasonably and fairly with all students who, becauseof religious obligations, have conflicts with scheduled exams, assignments or required attendance. Inthis class, please contact me about the religious obligation at least one week in advance and we willmake arr an gements for an alternate testing time or a homework extension. See full details at http://www.colorado.edu/policies/fac_relig.html .Classroom BehaviorStudents and faculty each have r esponsibility for maintaining an appropriate learn-ing environment. Those who fail to adhere to such beh avioral standards may be subject to discipline. Pro-fessional courtesy and sensitivity are especially important with respect to individuals and topics dealingwith differences of race, color, cu ltu re, religion, creed, politics, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, gender,gender identity and gend er expression, age, disability, an d nationalities. Class rosters are provided to theinstructor with the student’s legal name. I will gladly honor your request to address you by an alternatename or gender pronoun. Please advise me of this preference early in the semester so that I may m ake appro-priate changes to my records. See policies at http://www.colorado.edu/policies/classbehavior.htmland at http://www.colorado.edu/studentaffairs/judicialaffairs/code.html#student_codeStudent Conduct C ode:Cell phones, pagers, music players, and all s im ilar devices are to be turned offduring all class s essions . Students may not listen to music, play games, browse the I nternet, or engagein other activities not related to the course du ring class sessions. No electronic equipment of any kindother than your calculator will be permitted dur ing midterm exams and the final exam. Treat others withrespect. Be polite and attentive. For further details, see

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