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Src='https://Secure.gravatar.com/Avatar/F9ba0664fe581ae89fb84b7c1395d9e4?s=32, <img Alt=; #038;d=mm; Srcset='https://Secure.gravatar.com/Avatar/F9ba0664fe581ae89fb84b7c1395d9e4?s=64, #038;r=g'; #038;d=mm; says, #038;r=g 2x' class='avatar avatar-32 photo' height='32' width='32' /> Raphael Stephen (22 August 2019). "Florence Nightingale's Biography and Environmental Theory: Study Guide". Nurseslabs. Retrieved 31 March 2022.27. Moira Ferguson, Nine Black Women (London: Routledge, 1998), p. 68.28. Mother Marianne becomes an American saint. CNN. Retrieved 28 July 2013.29. Dromi, Shai M. (2020). Above the fray : the Red Cross and the making of the humanitarian NGO sector. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. pp. 93–101. ISBN 9780226680248. Retrieved 27 June 2021.30. Paradis, Raphael, Mary (10 March 2017). "The Sisters of Mercy in the Crimean War: Lessons for Catholic health care". The Linacre Quarterly. 84 (1): 29–43.doi:10.1080/00243639.2016.1277877. PMC 5375655. 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