SHSU ANSC 1319 - Expectations for Student Employees

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Expectations for Student Employees Listed below are some key expectations for our student workers which you will be expected to follow while you are employed with us. - Punctuality is essential to our operation. Student workers should arrive on time and ready for work. - Student workers are required to work all of their schedules shifts. If there is a scheduling conflict, and you are unable to work your scheduled shift, it is your responsibility to get your shift covered by another student worker. If you are unable to get your shift covered, then it is expected of you to be present at your previously scheduled shift. - Student workers should adhere to our dress code and portray a professional image when dealing with our customers. A copy of the dress code is attached. - We expect a high level of customer service to our guests. Our student workers should be friendly, helpful, and hospitable to our guests and clients. - Our student workers are the first point of contact for many of our visitors. You should be alert and aware so that you may assist customers with their needs. - Communication is essential in the office environment. It will be important for you to answer anyemails or phone calls you receive from your fellow employees in a timely and professional manner.- Payroll is an essential part of your job so that you get paid for your hours. You will be required to enter and submit your hours electronically at the end of each pay period. It is your responsibility to get those hours submitted before the deadline so that your payroll can be processed. - While at work, you are expected to do the work that is assigned to you by your supervisor(s). When asked to complete a task, you are expected to work diligently and with great attention to detail on the assigned task until it has been completed. - I understand that as an employee of the University Center & Special Events, I represent not onlythe department; I also represent Texas A&M University. - In such, I also understand that I am expected to act in a professional manner and to serve customers to the best of my ability. As a student employee of the University Center & Special Events, I accept the following expectations as a guide to my behavior in the workplace. o I will respect the privacy of all employees and customers and will maintain confidentiality. o I will call my supervisor at least 30 minutes before the beginning of my shift should I notbe able to report for work due to illness.o I will refrain from making and receiving personal telephone calls, texting during work hours, and using ear buds.o I will refrain from studying, completing homework assignments, and editing/printing schoolwork during work hours unless prior approval has been given by my supervisor.o Once I have completed all assigned tasks, I will ask for additional assignments. o I will limit checking personal e-mail accounts and surfing the web during work hours to times when there are no assignments or duties to be completed. o I am entitled to and will receive an annual performance evaluation during the universityperformance evaluation period of April 1 to May 31. I have received a copy of the TAMU student employee performance evaluation forms for my records. o By signing below, I agree to these specified expectations. I understand that non-compliance may result in termination of employment. Dress Code for Student Employees University Center & Special Events will issue you a polo. It is required to wear this polo for all shifts, unless otherwise stated by your supervisor. If you are not wearing the University Center & Special Events issued polo then please wear a nice shirt/t-shirt without writing/advertising.  Jeans, khakis, skits or capris are appropriate Hats are not acceptable Shorts are not acceptable Tennis shoes, loafers or sandals, boots are appropriate foot attire (please note that if you are working set-up with tables and chairs you need to make sure you are wearing enclosed toe shoes for safety) Ensure that you are appropriately groomed (hair brushed, guys if you have a mustache or beard please ensure that you are nicely groomed) Torn, dirty or frayed clothing is unacceptable.  Always wear a smile and be energetic and ready to assist Always be professional and welcoming Please sign below indication that you have read and understand the University Center & Special Events Expectations and Dress Code for student employees. ______________________________ _________________________Student Worker Signature Date______________________________ _________________________Supervisor Signature

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SHSU ANSC 1319 - Expectations for Student Employees

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