Mental health 4 ATI

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Individual Performance ProfileN. 126 Unit 4Overall PerformanceAssessment Name# PointsIndividual ScoreIndividual Score (% Correct)100.0%30N. 126 Unit 4Individual Name:Student Number:Individual Score:CHANETTE JORDAN7246228Institution:100.0%Lincoln Memorial U Tampa ASN06/26/2022ADNProgram Type:Test Date:Report Created on: 06/26/2022 12:13 PM EDTPage 1 of 6REP_CAA_Indv_Web_1_0Individual Performance ProfileN. 126 Unit 4No of PointsIndividual ScoreDescriptionAcute/ChronicAcute19100.0%A disease, condition or injury characterized by a relatively sudden onset of symptoms that are usually severe. An episode of acute disease results in: recovery to a state comparable to the client’s condition of health and activity before the disease; progression into a chronic illness; or death.Chronic6100.0%A disease or condition that persists for 6 months or more, or in which a cure is not expected. Chronic diseases generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they just disappear.No of PointsIndividual ScoreDescriptionBloom's TaxonomyEvaluate2100.0%Appraise information to make a judgment based on standards.Analyze4100.0%Examine detailed information methodically to determine relationships.Apply12100.0%Use information in a variety of situations.Understand5100.0%Explain the meaning of information.Remember1100.0%Recall relevant information.No of PointsIndividual ScoreDescriptionBody FunctionCognition and Sensation22100.0%The anatomical structures (brain, central and peripheral nervous systems, eyes and ears) and body functions that support perception, interpretation, and response to internal and external stimuli.Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption & Elimination3100.0%The anatomical structures (mouth, esophagus, stomach, gall bladder, liver, small and large bowel, rectum , and anus) and body functions that support ingestion, digestion, and absorption of food and elimination of solid wastes from the body.Reproduction1100.0%The anatomical structures (breasts, ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina, vulva, testicles, prostate, scrotum, and penis) and body functions that support reproductive functions.OutcomesReport Created on: 06/26/2022 12:13 PM EDTPage 2 of 6REP_CAA_Indv_Web_1_0Individual Performance ProfileN. 126 Unit 4No of PointsIndividual ScoreDescriptionBSN EssentialsLiberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice2100.0%The need for an education that exposes nurses to multiple fields of study providing the foundation for a global perspective of society as well as high level thinking and acquisition of skills that can be applied to complex patient and system-based problems.Basic Organization and Systems Leadership for Quality Care and Patient Safety2100.0%The need for nurses to be able to understand power relationships and use decision-making and leadership skills to promote safe practice and quality improvement within health care systems.Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice4100.0%The need for nurses to be able to understand the research process and base practice and clinical judgments upon fact-based evidence to enhance patient outcomes.Information Management and Application of Patient Care Technology1100.0%The need for nurses to be able to use computer-based information management systems and patient care technology in the provision of client care.Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration1100.0%The need for nurses to be able to function as a member of the healthcare team while promoting an environment that supports interprofessional communication and collaboration with the goal of providing patient-centered care.Professionalism and Professional Values1100.0%The need for nurses to be able to practice nursing in a professional manner while providing patient-centered care that is caring, respects diversity, and is governed by legal and ethical tenets.Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice16100.0%The need for nurses to be able to practice as a generalist using clinical reasoning to provide care to patients across the lifespan and healthcare continuum and to individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations.No of PointsIndividual ScoreDescriptionClinical AreasFundamentals1100.0%Ability to apply fundamental nursing principles and skills to basic needs of clients. Topics include foundational client care concepts (ie: medical and surgical asepsis, infection control, physical assessment, therapeutic communication, medication administration, pain management integral to the delivery of safe, ethical, and legal nursing practice. Mental Health27100.0%Ability to apply nursing knowledge to the care of clients with mental health disorders. Topics include foundational mental health concepts (e.g., therapeutic communication, therapeutic milieu, legal/ethical issues), care of clients experiencing psychobiologic disorders or psychiatric emergencies, and care of clients receiving traditional nonpharmacological and psychopharmacological therapies.Pharmacology1100.0%Ability to apply concepts related to the pharmacodynamics and pharmacotherapeutics of commonly prescribed medications for clients with physical and mental health disorders. Topics include principles of medication administration and dosage calculation, side/adverse effects, drug/food interactions, contraindications, and nursing implications integral to the safe administration of medications to clients across the lifespan.Report Created on: 06/26/2022 12:13 PM EDTPage 3 of 6REP_CAA_Indv_Web_1_0Individual Performance ProfileN. 126 Unit 4No of PointsIndividual ScoreDescriptionDosage CalculationOral Dosage1100.0%Correctly calculates oral medication dosages.Intravenous Drip Rate1100.0%Correctly calculates IV drip rates.No of PointsIndividual ScoreDescriptionNCLEX RNRN Management of Care1100.0%The nurse coordinates, supervises and/or collaborates with members of the health care to provide an environment that is cost-effective and safe for clients.RN Psychosocial Integrity22100.0%The nurse directs nursing care to promote and support the emotional, mental and social well-being of clients and significant others.RN Basic Care and Comfort1100.0%The nurse provides nursing care to promote comfort and assist client to perform activities of daily living.RN Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies5100.0%The nurse administers, monitors and evaluates pharmacological and parenteral therapy.RN Physiological Adaptation1100.0%The nurse manages and provides nursing care for clients with an acute, chronic or

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Mental health 4 ATI

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