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Leonel A. MezatioClass section: FON 09Completion code: SMU REB #22-009Research AssignmentA hypothesis can be defined as a specific, testable prediction about the theory. This definition allows us to understand the Research Projet conduct by theDepartment of Psychology at Saint Mary’s University based on hypothesis that: “Many people around the world had difficulties adjusting to the pandemic when itfirst began.” However, to understand better this research, we found in our study that the general topic for this study title “Social and Emotional Experiences duringCOVID-19” is mostly apply to the chapter entitle Health and well-Being because this pandemic has a powerful impact on our social life and behavior. Social and Emotional experience during COVID-19 can have a positive or negative aspect, people mental health based on the social behaviors (such as cultural influences, family relationships, and social supports) and the psychological factors (behaviors health beliefs, lifestyle, stress). This research will help researchers better understand how individuals are adapting to COVID-19. This understanding will be beneficial to the academic community, as well as psychologists, counsellors, and instructors who work with adolescents and adults. I learned more about the mental health in this research, and it was completed with satisfaction because the ethical guidelines were put in place. The authors assigning to me a study participants number (which is SMU REB #22-009) bywhich I can be identified instead of my name in to protect my privacy and my identity. Also, responses will be collected and stored on a password-protected, encrypted website (Qualtrics.com) which is hosted in Canada. Qualtrics uses the same encryption type (SSL) that online banking sites use to transmit secure information. The data will be immediately stored on Qualtrics’ secure server which does not share data with third parties. A summary of the results will be posted on our research lab’s website (http://dysclab.wixsite.com/website) by November 1,

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