COLUMBIASTATE PSYC 1030 - Intro to Psychology Study Guide for Test

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Intro to Psychology Study Guide for TestChapters 3 & 41. The process of detecting a physical stimulus, such as light, sound, heat, orpressure isa. Sensation2. How do sensory receptors convert physical energy into electrical impulses?a. Through Transduction3. In perception of a figure, bottom-up processing emphasizes detectingfeaturesa. Part-to-whole4. In perception of a figure, top-down processing emphasizes detecting featuresa. Whole-to-part5. True or false? A negative mood can intensify an experience of pain?a. True6. Your larges and heaviest sense organa. Skin7. Each taste bud on your tongue had this many receptorsa. 508. Human chemosignals found in sweat, armpit hair, blood, and semen arecalleda. Pheromones9. The sense of taste is also known asa. Gustation10.The decibel level of a shotgun is abouta. 14011.The part of the ear that is visible on the outside of your head is called thea. Pinna12.Hearing results when sound waves are converted to neural messages in thea. Inner ear13.The level at which a sensory receptor call can detect sensation is called thea. Threshold14.In the human visual system, the sensory receptor cells that respond to lightarea. Rods and cones15.Our visual system interprets differences in the wavelengths of light asa. Color16.Which helps us see color, rods or cones?a. Cones17. The longest wavelength in the visible spectrum are interpreted as whatcolor?a. Red18.The absolute threshold of taste is a teaspoon of sugar ina. Two gallons of water19.Our sense of balance is regulated by sensory information located in thea. Canals and vestibular sacs in the ear20.Your immediate awareness of mental activity, internal sensations, andexternal stimuli is calleda. Consciousness21.Not noticing some significant object or event that is in clear field of vision iscalleda. Intentional blindness22.True or false, attention has limited capacity?a. True23.If a person is good at multitasking, they can direct all of their attention toseveral task at one timea. False24.Using a hands free device while driving improves safety, true or false?a. False25.The cycle, or rhythm, of your body that is approximately 24 hours long iscalled thea. Circadian rhythm26.An environmental cue that helps the regulate the “clock” isa. Sunlight27.Melatonin is produced in this glanda. Pineal28.The type of sleep associated with dreaming is calleda. REM29.The brain wave pattern associated with alert wakefulness is calleda. Beta brainwaves30.Grazing animals usually sleep about this long at one timea. 4 hours31.True or false. New memories formed during the day are reactivated during90 minute sleep cyclesa. True32.Two broad categories of sleep disordersa. Insomnia and narcolepsy33.The sleep disorder in which people repeatedly stop breathing during sleep,resulting in daytime grogginess, poor concentration, and memory/learningproblemsa. Obstructive sleep apnea34.Excessive daytime sleepiness is calleda. Narcolepsy35.Undesired arousal or actions during sleepa. Neurotic wakefulness36.Drugs that slow or inhibit brain activitya. Depressants37.Drugs that distort sensory perceptionsa. Psychedelics38.Psychoactive drugs that can result in increasing amounts of the drug beingneeded to gain original effect. This is known asa. Drug tolerance39.Addictive drugs that relieve pain and produce euphoriaa. Opioids40.The drug with the highest social cost of all addictionsa. Heroine41.At this blood alcohol level, you have lowered alertness, reduced inhibitions,and impaired judgementsa. .05%42.Opiates occupy receptor sites in the brain where they mimic the effects ofa. Endorphins43.What is the active ingredient in opium?a. Morphine44.A synthetic opiate isa. Heroine45.The gradual decline in sensitivity to a constant stimulusa. Sensory adaptation46.The relative highness or lowness of the sounds we heara.

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COLUMBIASTATE PSYC 1030 - Intro to Psychology Study Guide for Test

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