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Chapter 8 AssignmentName______________Show your work if any is required. Circle the answer that is the correct one. 1. The ancient Greeks developed a concept of matter that stated that all matter was composed of very small indivisible particles calledA. protons.B. elements.C. electrons.D. atom 2. Using a Cathode Ray Tube with deflecting plates, J.J. Thomson discovered a fundamental subatomic particle called a(n)A. proton.B. neutron.C. electron.D. ion. 3. The fundamental charge of an electron was discovered by A. J.J. Thomson.B. Robert Millikan.C. Ernest Rutherford.D. Niels Bohr. 4. Rutherford studied the nature of matter by investigating how alpha particles interacted with thin gold foil. He discovered thatA. nearly all of the alpha particles passed through the foil undeflected.B. some alpha particles were widely deflected and even were scattered backwards by the nuclei of the atoms in the foil.C. most of the mass of an atom is concentrated in the nucleus.D. all of the above are true. 5. The number of protons in an atom is called theA. atomic number.B. atomic weight.C. mass number.D. isotope number.6. Isotopes of an element haveA. different number of protons but the same number of neutrons.B. the same number of protons and neutrons.C. the same number of protons but different number of neutrons.D. the same atomic weight. 7. The atomic weight of an element is the weighted average of its isotope masses in their relative abundances. These isotope masses are compared to what atom?A. Hydrogen - 1B. Carbon - 12C. Carbon - 14D. Oxygen - 16 8. Uranium, 235U, hasA. 92 protons, 143 neutrons, and 92 electrons. B. 235 protons, 92 electrons and 143 electrons.C. 143 protons, 235 neutrons, and 143 electrons.D. 143 protons, 143 neutrons and 92 electrons. 9. Which of the following statements does NOT describe Bohr’s model of the atom?A. Electrons can be located anywhere within the atom outside of the nucleus.B. Electrons in a given orbit do not emit radiation.C. Electrons must “leap” from orbit to orbit.D. Electrons can be treated as particles.10. Compare the quantum mechanics model of the atom to the Bohr model of the atom.A. Quantum mechanics considers the wave behavior of the electron while the Bohr model considers the particle nature of the electron.B. As long as electrons remain in its orbit it emits no radiation.C. The location of the particle is known in the Bohr model. In the quantum mechanics model, the electrons position is defined in probability terms.D. The Bohr model could not be used for larger atoms.E. All of the above statements are

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GSU PHYS 1111K - Chapter 8 Assignment

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