MSU EGR 100 - EGR 100 Syllabus Spring 2017

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EGR 100 Spring 2017 EGR 100 Introduction to Engineering Design – Spring 2017 Instructor: Dr. Jenahvive Morgan, [email protected], G79C WIL Lectures: Sections 001-005, 012-013 & 016-017: Fridays 10:20am–11:10am, C102 WIL Sections 007-011, 014 & 018-020: Fridays 11:30am–12:20pm, C102 WIL Lab Sections: G79 Wilson Hall Open Labs: Mo-Th, 5-7pm & Fr 3-4pm: G79 Wilson Hall/W9 Wilson Hall Office Hours: Dr. Morgan, G79C Wilson Hall, We 10-11 & Fr 12:30-1:30, or by appointment Course Web Site: Assignments: No late work will be accepted without prior approval. Re-grades must be requested within 1 week of return or posting of grades of work. No scores will be changed after the 1 week period. Students are responsible for reviewing the Desire2Learn course management system for assignments, due dates, etc. Teaching Assistants: Sect 001 David Hernandez [email protected] Sect 002 Tula Ngasala [email protected] Sect 003 Camille McCall [email protected] Sect 004 Roya Solhmirzaei [email protected] Sect 005 Matt Hames [email protected] Sect 007 Vidhya Ramalingam [email protected] Sect 008 Ankit Agrawal [email protected] Sect 009 Piotr Szczepanski [email protected] Sect 010 Christopher Cugini [email protected] Sect 011 Vidhya Ramalingam [email protected] Sect 012 David Vogelsang [email protected] Sect 013 Camille McCall [email protected] Sect 014 Ankit Agrawal [email protected] Sect 016 Tula Ngasala [email protected] Sect 017 Piotr Szczepanski [email protected] Sect 018 Roya Solhmirzaei [email protected] Sect 019 Christopher Cugini [email protected] Sect 020 Matt Hames [email protected] Required Text: Thinking Like an Engineer, Custom Edition for MSU, Stephan, et al., Pearson, 2016 Required Materials: MyEngineeringLab Student Access Code, Pearson Z87 approved hard plastic safety glasses with side shields Course Description: The engineering design process, as modeled by team-based, interdisciplinary design projects. The roles of engineers and the contributions of engineering in society. Project management, design of products and processes to specified outcomes under specified constraints. Introduction to computing tools and physical equipment in support of engineering design. Engineering ethics. Due dates: Lab Homework 20% As Assigned – All assignments counted Pre-Lecture Quizzes 10% As Assigned – All assignments counted Lecture Assignments 10% Weekly in Lecture – Lowest single score not counted Project 1 20% Demonstration Week 06, Final Report Week 07 Project 2 30% Demonstration Week 13, Final Report Week 15 Final Exam 10% Sections 001-005, 012-013 & 016-017: Weds, 5/3, 10:00am-11:00am Sections 007-011, 014 & 018-020: Thurs, 5/4, 10:00am-11:00am Grading: ≥90.00% = 4.0; 85.00-89.99% = 3.5; 80.00-84.99% = 3.0; 75.00-79.99% = 2.5; 70.00-74.99% = 2.0; 65.00-69.99% = 1.5; 60.00-64.99% = 1.0; <60.00% = 0.00. University regulations regarding academic dishonesty will be enforced without exception, and Turnitin will be used for course submissions. Professional conduct is required in this course. Grades will be reduced if there is failure to follow proper safety procedures, disruption of the class environment, or for poor team performance. Communication: Please inform me of any verified accommodations needed. All course materials and announcements will be posted on the course website. Students are expected to review these materials prior to attending each session. Additional course information will be sent via MSU email. Students are to ensure their UNIVERSITY ASSIGNED ([email protected]) email is fully functional for this communication to be effective. Course-related email sent by students from other, non-MSU systems will not be read by the instructional

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MSU EGR 100 - EGR 100 Syllabus Spring 2017

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