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Name: VILLANUEVA, MARY JOY M.score              Last Name,                        First Name                   Middle Initial[Schedule] Time/Days: F/S 1:30-3:00PM Code: E425 Date: NOV. 11, 2021Lesson 4: Interstate SystemActivity 1Let us think about globalization affects government and nation-state.Scenario: Hawkes (2008) explained the “nutrition transition” happening in developing countries as an effect of globalization. This transition result in consumption of high-calorie, nutrient-poor foods which are high in fats and sugar resulting in rise of obesity and diet-related chronic diseases worldwide. What could be your policy advice to an international development agency like FAO and a government of a middle-income developing country on appropriate policies to mitigate the negative effects of nutrition transition onlocal stakeholders like farmers and poor families?What are your thoughts?ANSWER;- Limit the distribution of unhealthy foods, it is better that they distribute the vegetables grown by farmers to help the poor in the country.Activity 2Work alone in developing a “State of the World Affairs” speech. Imagine you are the director of one of these organizations and you will address the head of the states in a world development forum.3Select a particular issue or challenge in modern time that your organization could work on. What are ways in which this organization could help address this issue or challenge?ANSWER:- SEXUAL ABUSEMENT - To prevent this martial law should be reinstated to limit the exit of people especially at night and to increase the security in the city under the leadership of military. Also the death penalty should be reinstated too for rapists to scare them into committing abuse towomen.Activity 3Here are the questions that you could reflect on to further understand the concepts discussed in this chapter:1. What does domesticating an international norm mean?ANSWER:- The process of including the provision, standards and practice etc., into the national jurisprudence of the country.2. What is an example of globalization initiatives affecting local government? Explain its benefits and challenge.ANSWER:- The globalization and commoditization of housing by big money interests is pushing downward on state and local governments to cram our established residential neighboorhoods with stack and pack high density infill with inadequate landscaping, setbacks, and off street parking, as well as inadequate water, power, and other infrastructure. The entire movement covets the very ground your house sit on. They do not want you building equity through home ownership, just as they do not want you graving your own food or generating your own solar power, they want you instead torent an apartment from them so that they can control you.3. Name an international organization and identify its role in global governance.ANSWER:- WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION (WTO) - The only International Organization dealing with the global rules of trade. Its main function is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freely as possible.Good Luck!Prepare by:JAN VICTOR S. OQUENDO, LPT, MEdSSSocial Studies

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UIUC AGED 510 - Lesson 4: Interstate System

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