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Slide 1For Each Operating SystemTerminal Download: Windows Laptops = PuttyTerminal Download: Apple Laptopssetting Up Terminal: Accessing THE AFS (Windows)setting Up Terminal: Accessing THE AFS (MAC)File Transfer system Setup: FileZillaFilezilla setupFilezilla screenshotAlternative FTSHaving Trouble?FILE TRANSFER SYSTEM (FTS)AND TERMINAL WINDOW SETUP INSTRUCTIONS FOR E 115 STUDENTSIf you will only be using a lab based Windows computer all semester, this is not required for you to install.FOR EACH OPERATING SYSTEMWindows Users Mac UsersPlease download:FileZillaPuTTY 0.64 or newerIf FileZilla does not work well on your laptop your alternative is:WinSCP 5.7.4Please download:Filezilla*No terminal download is requiredIf FileZilla does not work well on your laptop your alternative is:CyberDuckTERMINAL DOWNLOAD: WINDOWS LAPTOPS = PUTTYhttps://e115.engr.ncsu.edu/links-and-downloads/If after you download, something pops up asking about your cache, click ‘Yes’.TERMINAL DOWNLOAD: APPLE LAPTOPSNothing to Install!Go forward a few slides for how to access AFS via your terminalSETTING UP TERMINAL:ACCESSING THE AFS (WINDOWS)WindowsOpen “Putty”Type “remote.eos.ncsu.edu” in host nameClick “Open”Login using your Unity ID – Hit “Enter”Type your password***Note: it will look like you are not typing, but this is just a security featureHit “Enter”Note:You can type “remote.eos.ncsu.edu” into Saved Sessions and press Save so that you do not have to type it every time.Make sure the settings are SSH and Port 22.SETTING UP TERMINAL:ACCESSING THE AFS (MAC)MacFinder  Utilities  TerminalType the following:ssh [email protected]Make sure you use your Unity IDAfter March 6, 2018, if you HAVE accessed AFS before via terminal, you will need to type ssh-keygen -RFremote.eos.ncsu.eduBefore typing in ssh [email protected]. Email a lab admin if you have any questions. If this is your first time accessing AFS via terminal, do not worry about this. Type your password***Note: it will look like you are not typing, but you are. This is just a security featureHit “Enter”FILE TRANSFER SYSTEM SETUP: FILEZILLARead the Installation and Configuration instructions on the EOS site:https://filezilla-project.org/Click “Download FileZilla Client”The site should automatically determine which platform you are using (Windows, Mac, etc.), click the download buttonRun the installer that was downloadedMake sure you know where the application is being installed toFILEZILLA SETUPClick the “Site Manager” icon in the top leftClick “New Site” in the lower leftAdd required info:Host: remote.eos.ncsu.eduProtocol: SFTPPort: 22Login Type: Ask for passwordUser: your unityIDPassword: ignore, application will prompt for your password laterClick “Connect” and enter your passwordFILEZILLA SCREENSHOTALTERNATIVE FTSWindows MacWinSCP (version 5.7.4) is available for download via the EOS website if your system is incompatible with FileZillaIt uses the same server name, the setup is a little differentCyberDuck, Fugu, and Sec Panel are older FTS which will work with older Mac OS’s.HAVING TROUBLE?Technical Issues: Go to the DAN 204 Help Desk between 9 am – 5 pm Monday through FridayUsage Issues: Go to any E 115 Lab Instructor Office hours, which are posted on

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NCSU E 115 - FTS-Terminal Setup

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