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Summer 2017 Basic Engineering Probability & Statistics (ENGRD 2700)ENGRD 2700 SyllabusInstructor: David EckmanEmail: [email protected]: Rhodes Hall 294Office hours: Time and room to be announcedTA: Jose Bastidas OlayaEmail: [email protected] Office hours: Wednesday 3:00-5:00pm and Friday 9:00-11:00am, Malott Hall 218Lectures: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 1:00-2:15pm, Phillips Hall 213Recitations: Tuesday 3:00-4:15pm, Rhodes Hall 571Blackboard: ENGRD 2700 Basic Engr Probability & Stats Eckman,D1 Course GoalsThe course will introduce students to probability and statistics and their application to engineering.Topics include random variables, probability distributions, expectation, point and interval estimation,hypothesis testing, and regression.Intended outcomes:• Understand the breadth of decision situations with uncertainty that arise in engineering, industry,and society.• Learn methods of probability modeling and data analysis.• Develop the skills needed for extracting information from data in real-world decision situations.• Promote critic-thinking skills when it comes to interpreting reported statistics.• Build familiarity with current software used for statistical inference and data analysis.2 Course LogisticsPrerequisites: MATH 1910 (Calculus) and MATH 1920 (Multivariate Calculus) with a corequisite ofMATH 2940 (Linear Algebra). Essentially, you should be comfortable with doing basic algebra aswell as differentiating and integrating single- and multi-variable functions.Course website (Blackboard): The Blackboard site will contain all the information for this courseincluding this syllabus, lecture notes, homework assignments and solutions, and your grades. Makesure that you are enrolled on the course Blackboard site and that you check the site regularly forannouncements.Textbook: There is no required textbook for this course. There are however a couple of textbooksrecommended for reinforcing the material:• Walpole, R. E., Myers, R. H., Myers, S. L. & Ye, K. (2011). Probability and Statistics forEngineers and Scientists, 9th Edition.1Summer 2017 Basic Engineering Probability & Statistics (ENGRD 2700)• Devore, J. L. (2015). Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 9th Edition.Copies of each textbook are available on reserve at Uris Library.Handouts: There will be a series of handouts available on the Blackboard site that cover the corecontent of this class. Typically the handouts will be uploaded a few days in advance and you areencouraged to print them out so that you can follow along and fill them out during the lectures.3 Academic IntegrityEach student in this class is expected to abide by the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity:http://cuinfo.cornell.edu/aic.cfm. Any violation will be penalized. In particular, any use of orupload to the website Coursehero (or similar) will be treated as an academic code violation.Any work submitted by a student in this course for academic credit will be the student’s own work. Ifstudents use other sources, they must be cited. Students are allowed to use the recommended textbooksto help with their homework assignments. As far as online resources go, Wikipedia pages and websitesspecifically recommended in class are the only online resources permitted.4 AssessmentCourse grades will be based on completion of the course evaluation, participation, homework assignments,two prelim exams, and one final exam:Course Evaluation 1%Participation 4%Homework 25%Preliminary Exams 40%Final Exam 30%Total 100%4.1 ParticipationParticipation includes not only attendance in lectures/recitations but also asking or answering questionswhether in class or outside of class.4.2 HomeworkCollaboration For homework assignments, you are allowed to collaborate with at most one otherstudent. If you choose to do so, you should submit one copy with both of your names on it.Submitting Homework There will be roughly nine homework assignments. Please be sure to writeyour name, staple your homework, and be neat. Each assignment will be due in class at the endof lecture (2:15pm). There will be no late homework accepted for grading. Instead your lowesthomework grade will be dropped.Grading When writing your homework, be sure to show your reasoning. Correct and well-writtenreasoning is as important as a correct solution. Graded homework will be returned in class andsolutions will be posted on the Blackboard site. If you have questions about the grading, pleasediscuss it with the TA first.2Summer 2017 Basic Engineering Probability & Statistics (ENGRD 2700)4.3 ExamsThere are two preliminary exams, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, July 12th and Wednesday,July 26th with the room and time to be announced. The 40% weight on the two prelims is split with30% coming from your higher prelim score and 10% from your lower prelim score. This is meant to benefityou should you have a bad test day.If you cannot make it to one of the prelims for good reason (e.g., serious illness, family emergency),you must inform me as soon as possible and provide proof. In that case, the 10% weight that would havecome from that prelim will be reallocated to the final exam. That is, the other prelim would still countas 30% of your grade and the final exam would now count as 40%.The final exam date will be Tuesday, August 8th 1:30-4:00pm in a room to be assigned. Thefinal exam will be cumulative with a slight emphasis on the later material.3Summer 2017 Basic Engineering Probability & Statistics (ENGRD 2700)The following is a tentative schedule:Week Date Lecture/Recitation DueWeek 1 6/26 Lecture 1: Introduction & Motivation6/27 Lecture 2: Exploratory Data AnalysisRecitation 1: Exploratory Data Analysis in R6/28 Lecture 3: Counting and Probability6/29 Lecture 4: Probability Models HW 16/30 Lecture 5: Conditional Probability & IndependenceWeek 2 7/3 Lecture 6: Random Variables HW 27/4 Holiday: No Class7/5 Lecture 7: Special Discrete Random VariablesRecitation 2: Problems on Probability (tentative)7/6 Lecture 8: Continuous Random Variables HW 37/7 Lecture 9: Special Continuous Random VariablesWeek 3 7/10 Lecture 10: Multiple Discrete Random Variables HW 47/11 In-Class ReviewRecitation 3: Problems on Random Variables7/12 Prelim 17/13 Lecture 11: Multiple Continuous Random Variables7/14 Lecture 12: Covariance and CorrelationWeek 4 7/17 Lecture 13: Sampling Distributions HW 57/18 Lecture 14: Point EstimationRecitation 4: Problems on Multivariate

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