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ASU BIOL 101 - The Effect of Number Didinium

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Ecology AbstractPhillip Tran10591758TA: FaizaSection: 116The Effect of Number Didinium (A. proteus) on the Population of Paramecium (P. Caudatum) One way we can study ecology is using the top-down and bottom-up method. The top-down control is the higher trophic levels on the food chain which is usually controlled by the predators. The bottom-up control is the lower trophic levels of the food chain which is usually the producers or “preys”. In this experiment we looked at Didinium (predator) and Paramecium(prey). For our experiment we wanted to see if the number of Didinium would affect the number of Paramecium, but the controlled variable is that in certain trays we have a low population of Didinium, and certain trays have a high population. Our hypothesis is that the high number of Didinium in a dish the lower the density population of Paramecium. Even if there is a difference in population, we asked is there a significant difference in the prey density between the low vs. high predator population? For our method we had different containers for the high vs low predator population and had four dishes with four DidInium and four dishes with two DidInium. We added one seed into each dish so there is nutrient for both species and all had similar environments and this experiment ran for a week. For our result we concluded that in general, the more Didinium in a container the more Paramecium there was. In overall aspect there is not a significant difference between the low population vs high population of Didinium.CitationsFronhofer EA,Legrand D. Bottom- up andtop-downcontrol of dispersal across major ... - biorxiv.Bottom- up andtop-downcontrol of dispersal across majororganismal groups: a coordinated distributed experiment. 2017 Nov 2 Banerji A, Duncan AB, Griffin JS. Density and trait mediated effects of a parasite and a predator in a tri-tophic food web. Shibboleth authentication request. 2015 May. Figure 1 There is no significant difference in the population of P. Caudatum when there is a high vs low population of A. Proteus. ( t = 11.57, p = 0.03, df = 21).High Low050010001500200025003000350040004500Affect of Paramecium on High vs Low Population of Didinium Series1High and Low Population of A. ProteusPopulation of P.

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