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VIRALITY ASSIGNMENT DETAILSDue date: Monday, 5/2/22, by 9a EST on BrightspaceObjective: To aid in your understanding of social influence and word-of-mouth, it would be useful to understand how social influence propagates online, including viral videos. In this assignment, you will watch videos from a surprisingly (perhaps) viral marketing campaign and answer some questions about this campaign. With so much content available online, it is interesting that a blender company, Blendtec,has proven success at creating viral content. The Blendtec series of YouTube videos have received hundreds of millions of views across their “Will it Blend?” campaign. The firm’s videos have the cheesy appeal of a 1960s TV show. Despite this, and despite the subject matter, these videos have proved very popular.Assignment specifics:Choose two YouTube videos from the “Will it Blend?” series that each have at least 200k views ( After watching the videos, address the following points.1. Please indicate the titles of the two videos you watched.2. Who do you think is Blendtec’s target market for their blenders? Who is the target market for their Will it Blend series?3. Why do you think these videos (i.e., the entirety of the Will it Blend series) were so popular?What were the individual/situational/stimulus factors at-play for their initial effectiveness? Will these same factors lead to sustained popularity today?4. What non-YouTube marketing activities should Blendtec implement to capitalize on the popularity of their videos?*remember to not just answer these questions, but to use them as a guide to convince the reader of yourpositionDELIVERABLES- Written portion: 4-page maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font with standard margins (this does not include your exhibits, if any). Your write-up should concisely address the points with support from course

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