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CURRENT EVENTS CONNECTIONS DETAILSDue date: Monday, 5/9/22, 30-minutes before class start time on BrightspaceObjective: Having developed a broad understanding of consumer behavior, I want you to appraise the recent marketing efforts of another company. I want you to select a recent (i.e., past 24 months) marketing campaign (i.e., multiple marketing efforts) and assess the potential effectiveness of it. Imagine that you are the new CMO for the company. You are assessing recent efforts by your predecessor to determine whether things should continue as they are or change. This involves looking ata brand’s recent marketing across multiple mediums or pieces of marketing to understand the overall theme, predict the likely impact on their target market, and ultimately, convince the reader that your perspective on this marketing effort is correct.Note: This does not have to be “good” marketing. Indeed, it is often easier to appraise where bad marketing went wrong rather than where good marketing went right.Guiding Questions:- Identify 2-3 (minimum) recent thematic marketing decisions (i.e., in-store displays, print ads,influencer campaigns, commercials, etc.) by a brand of your choice.- What is the overall focus of this brand’s campaign? What are the similarities and differencesacross the various marketing spots you highlighted?- Is this an effective campaign for this brand? Why or why not?- Is this something the brand should continue doing or should they pivot in the future? Why?(what would you do differently if you were in charge?)DELIVERABLES- Written portion: 5-page maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font with standard margins (this does not include your exhibits). Your write-up should concisely address the points with support from course materials.- Exhibits: include copies of the marketing materials (photos, screenshots, video links, etc.).Additional tips:- It may help you to understand their competitors to justify your position.- Similarly, a clear understanding of who their market is and how their message reaches this market will be helpful in creating convincing arguments.- You may also want to consider the short- and long-term impacts of their campaign. Is this seasonal? Annual? A result of societal trends?

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