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Note: This syllabus contains many details. Read it carefully and refer to it during the semester. It will answer most of your questions. If anything is unclear, please me know.Old Dominion University CHEM 123N – Foundations of Chemistry II Spring 2022Foundations of Chemistry II - Chemistry 123NSpring 2022Lecture - CRN 21904, MWF 9 – 9:50 AM pm in CHM 1002 Recitation – CRN 22268, M 11 – 11:50 pm in CHM 1002Note: This syllabus contains many details. Read it carefully and refer to it during the semester. It will answer most of your questions. If anything is unclear, please me know.Instructor: Dr. Kenneth Mopper Ph.D., [email protected], 757-683-4094; Room Chem 4024A. Office Hours: Friday 10 – ~noon, and by appointment – Do not be afraid to ask!Teaching Assistants (lecture and recitation): See teaching staff on BbContact Policy E-mail is the best method to communicate with me (see Email Information below). Additionally, you may come by during office hours or other times that I am in the office with specific questions.Email Information. I sometime get several hundred emails in a day, so if you would like me to respond to your email, please:1) Make sure to include “CHEM 123N” in the subject line of any email, as I teach more than one course2) Please do NOT respond directly to an email or announcement I send to the entire class. If you do, it will likely get lost in a chain of other emails from your classmates. So. please send a new email instead.3) University policy requires that all course email communications be through the University Email System; Sorry, but I have been instructed by the Department to ignore all emails sent from a student’s personal account.4) You can email me any time. I will try to respond quickly, but sometimes it will be the next day. If you have questions about specific HW or test questions, please scan in or take a clear photo of your attempts and email them also so that I can see your work. This also applies to Office Hours visits, i.e., please bring your attempts with you.5) Emails are answered based first on urgency and then in the order they are received. Please DO NOT forward an email you have already sent; you will get a reply if it is warranted. I respond to emails within 24 hours, except for weekends. While I check my email in a limited capacity on weekends and after 9 pm weekdays, I will only respond to email Monday through Friday unless I deem the situation an emergency (i.e., medical or family emergency, as described under requests for extensions or make-up, but “my dog ate my assignment”, etc., does not constitute an emergency).Course DescriptionThis is the second of a two-course series, designed for science majors, that prepares the student for subsequent studies in molecular science and constitutes the foundation for all upper-level chemistry courses. Topics include states of matter, solutions, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, equilibria, and kinetics. CHEM 123N + CHEM 124N satisfy 4 credits of the University's Nature of Science general education requirement. Prerequisite: CHEM 121N with a grade of C or better. Pre- or corequisite: CHEM 124N.Course ObjectivesAfter completing the course, students should be able to...- Demonstrate a basic understanding of chemical principles- Apply chemical and physical principles to familiar and unfamiliar situations.- Collect and analyze data conceptually, numerically, and graphically.- Explain the importance of chemistry and science in general to human progress.- Demonstrate an understanding of how chemistry applies to their major field of study.Old Dominion University CHEM 123N – Foundations of Chemistry II Spring 2022Class FormatThe lecture classes will be taught using a “flipped classroom” format. Students are expected to watch assigned videos and read the textbook before class. In our case, there are content lecture videos made by our Chemistry Department that have graded questions at the end of each (which you can attempt multiple times). There will be an associated Portfolio (or guided notes) assignment for the main topics (or “Outcomes”). At the beginning of class, I will discuss the worked-out Examples in the Activity Sheets, pointing out things you should be aware while doing the problems on your own. I may also work out one or two of the ‘trickier’ problems. The lectures will use Zoom (for students that must quarantine due to Covid or other medical reasons) and they be recorded andposted on Bb (under Media Gallery, usually within 24 hours).After the discussion of the worked-out Examples, students will work on the exercises on their own or in groups. If you decide to work in a group (recommended), make sure that you can also work out the exercises on your own since you will not be able to work in groups for the Unit Tests and Final Exam. You must know the material. You can either print out the exercises (prior to class) or work on them on your tablet or laptop. Phones are not allowed and must be silenced. Many students find that working off hard copies is easier. If you have problems with any of the Exercises, raise your hand and I or the TA will come by to help. The in-class Exercises are critical for learning the material covered in the readings and lecture videos. The completed Exercises will not be graded and do not need to be submitted, but you should save them as they will be helpful for studying for exams and final.Required Materials Computer: Consistent access to a well-functioning computer is necessary. Assignments, assessments, and communication will be done via Blackboard, ODU email, or through announcements during class. If you do not have consistent access to a computer, the ODU library has computers available for use and possible rental for the duration of the semester. Internet Access: If you do not have consistent access to the Internet, not just on a smartphone, this class will be much more difficult. Strong Internet access is your responsibility. This course moves very quickly, and it is very easy to fall behind if you do not have the ability to complete assignments and follow course lectures. Note, extension requests due to poor Internet connection, or a “slow” computer will not be granted.Textbook: Chemistry 2e available to download for free from Openstax (https://openstax.org/details/books/chemistry-2e). You can also

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