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MAT343 Applied Linear Algebra SyllabusInstructor Prof. Juan M. Lopez [email protected] Office: 640 GWCOffice Hours 2–3pm M/WTerm Spring 2022 01/10 – 04/27Prerequisites MAT 266 or 271 with C or betterTextbook Linear Algebra with Applications, 10e by Steven J. Leon, Lisette G. De Pillise(Pearson-Prentice Hall).Objectives Linear algebra is the study of vector spaces and operations on those vector spaces.Linear algebra forms the backbone of many pure and applied mathematical theoriesproviding a powerful framework for quantitative reasoning. The course will covermany topics, detailed in the contents section below.Contents•Represent a system of linear equations using matrices Solve linear systems usingRow Echelon Form, Reduced Row Echelon Form, and the LU factorization. Performmatrix arithmetic and leverage matrix algebra. Evaluate determinants and leveragetheir properties. State the definition of a singular matrix and how it relates to thesolution of square linear systems. Understand the axioms of vector spaces determineis subsets of vector spaces are subspaces. Determine if a set of vectors is linearlyindependent. (Sections 1.1 – 3.3)•Determine bases for subspaces and similarity transforms. Determine the rank,nullspace, and dimension of a matrix. Represent linear transformations with matrices.Apply the Fundamental Theorem of Linear Algebra to find bases for orthogonalcomplements. Apply least squares to overdetermined problems to find the best fit toa set of data points. Find orthogonal projections onto subspaces, and orthonormalbases using Gram-Schmidt and QR factorizations. (Sections 3.4 – 5.6)•Compute the eigenspace of a matrix and determine if a matrix is diagonaliz-able. Apply Singular Value Decomposition and QR factorization to solve the normalequations. Explore iterative techniques like Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, and SOR. UseMATLAB to explore applications of linear algebra. (Sections 6.1 – 8.1)Schedule•Weeks 01–05: §1.1–§3.2•Weeks 06–11: §3.3–§4.2•Weeks 11–16: §5.1–§8.1Grading WebWorK HW: 15%MATLAB Labs: 15%Test 1: 15%Test 2: 15%Test 3: 15%Final: 25%.Target cut-offsE60D70C77C+80B–83B87B+90A–93A97 100A+MAT343 Applied Linear Algebra SyllabusTests Four tests will be given during the semester, material to be covered will be announcedin class. The best possible preparation for the tests is regular attendance and com-pletion of the assigned labs and homework. No calculators or any other devicesare allowed during the test. Any student accessing a phone or any data-capabledevice during a test for any reason will automatically receive a zero score on thattest. All such devices must be turned off, put away, and made inaccessible.The Final test is comprehensive.•Test 1 2022-02-16 (Wednesday)•Test 2 2022-03-23 (Wednesday)•Test 3 2022-04-20 (Wednesday)•Final 2022-05-04 (Wednesday)Homework During the semester, regular homework through the WeBWorK system will be as-signed and made due on a weekly basis. If you are not familiar with WeBWorK, youshould start by working out the Introduction set (this set does not count towards thegrade). No late assignments accepted. Due dates for WeBWorK are listed on thecourse WeBworK page: https://webwork.asu.eduMATLAB Labs There will be six MATLAB lab reports due during the semester, plus the introductoryLab 0. The instructional videos for the labs and the pdf files with the examples andexercises are posted in Canvas under the MATLAB module.Due dates for lab reports:•Lab 0: 2022-01-21 (Friday)•Lab 1: 2022-01-28 (Friday)•Lab 2: 2022-02-11 (Friday)•Lab 3: 2022-02-25 (Friday)•Lab 4: 2022-03-18 (Friday)•Lab 5: 2022-04-08 (Friday)•Lab 6: 2022-04-22 (Friday)Students should watch the videos on their own. A Teaching Assistant will be inECA221 at your scheduled lab time to provide help if needed (note that lab times donot coincide with normal lecture times). There willalso be open lab hours as specified on the previous page. All ASU students maydownload MATLAB through MyApps. Go to MyASU → MyApps and then searchfor MATLAB to download it to your computer. In addition, MATLAB is installed oncampus computers so you may use it there. No late labs will be accepted.Tutoring There are several sites providing free tutoring to all ASU students. Seehttps://math.asu.edu/tutoring & https://tutoring.asu.edu.Dates of note•2022-01-16: Drop/Add deadline•2022-01-17: Martin Luther King Holiday (no class)•2022-03-7–11: Spring Break•2022-04-03: Course Withdrawal deadlineMAT343 PoliciesAbsences Absences related to religious observances/practices that are in accordance with ACD304-04 http://www.asu.edu/aad/manuals/acd/acd304-04.html “Accommodations forReligious Practices” or university-sanctioned events/activities that are in accordancewith ACD 304–02 http://www.asu.edu/aad/manuals/acd/acd304-02.html “MissedClasses Due to University-Sanctioned Activities” will be excused. Any other absencerequires appropriate medical documentation. All absences require timely (advanced)notification.Failure to attend the first week of class allows the instructor to initiate an admin-istrative drop https://www.asu.edu/aad/manuals/ssm/ssm201-02.html, which dropsthe offending student from the course.Special Grades The E grade is for student who participated in the class, but did not earn enoughcredit to pass or attain the D grade.The EN grade is for students who never once participated in class. Failure toattend the first week of class allows the instructor to initiate an administrative drophttps://www.asu.edu/aad/manuals/ssm/ssm201-02.html, which drops the offendingstudent from the course. Note that nonattendance does not automatically result inbeing dropped from the course: it is at the discretion of the instructor to begin anadmin drop. Thus, a student should not assume they are no longer registered for acourse simply because they did not attend class during the first week.The EU grade is for students who participated, but then stopped after a certainpoint and never resumed. It is used when the instructor determines that the student’scompleted assignments, course activities, or both, were insufficient to make normalevaluation of academic performance possible. This grade distinction is critical tofederal financial aid administration.A grade of incomplete will be awarded only in the event that a documented emergencyor illness prevents the student who is doing acceptable work from completing a smallpercentage of the course

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