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MAT 267 – CALCULUS FOR ENGINEERS III – SPRING 2021INSTRUCTOR: Brian England OFFICE: N/ACLASS TIMES & LOCATIONS: Tuesday and Thursday – 7:30 am – 8:15amEMAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: By appointmentDisclaimer: All items on this syllabus are subject to change. Any in-class or online an-nouncement, verbal or written, is considered official addendum to this syllabus. Session C: (16 Weeks) 1/11/2021 – 4/30/2021.Prerequisites: MAT 266 or MAT 271 (Calculus II) or its equivalent with a grade C or better.Catalog Description: Vector-valued functions of several variables, partial derivatives, multivariable integration. Textbook: Essential Calculus , Early Transcendentals, 2nd Edition by James Stewart, Thomson (Cengage). The materials required for this course and any others using Cengage products are included in one Cengage Unlimited subscription. For $119.99 per semester, you get access to all Cengage online textbooks, platforms, study tools and more. Print textbook rentals are also available. Ask for Cengage Unlimited in the bookstore or visitDcengage.com/unlimited.Calculators: A graphing calculator is highly recommended for this class. Calculators with CAS capabilities and/or QWERTY keyboards will not be allowed during exams. Canvas: There will be a Canvas site for announcements, grade documentation and learning resources.SYNC Modality: The class will follow the remote SYNC method of delivery. Classes will meet at the time and dates listed in the official ASU Schedule of Classes, and will be held via Zoom. Your attendance is required as it would be in a normal in-person class. Zoom: Remote lectures will be accessed through Zoom (see zoom.us). During the Zoomsessions, please log in on time and assure that you have a reasonably secure connection. Please use your full name or first name-last initial. No outside attendees will be allowed, and during the sessions, please keep your microphone's audio muted except when needing to talk to the instructor. The instructor reserves the right to remove anyone from the Zoom sessions for disruptive behavior.Community of Care: ASU has detailed several safety precautions students will be required to follow to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus. All students areexpected to follow ASU’s Community of Care guidelines, including wearing face coverings while inside ASU buildings and practicing social distancing. For more detailed information, see https://eoss.asu.edu/communityofcare. Deliberate refusal to comply with these policies will result in appropriate disciplinary action. Technology Requirements: Students are expected to have access to a laptop or desktop computer with a secure internet connection, a webcam, microphone and speakers. TESTS/HOMEWORK - Homework (25%): All homework for this class will through the online WebWork system.The WebWork URL is http://webwork.asu.edu . Each assignment will be open for several days with ample time to complete it. All free-response questions will be given unlimited attempts but multiple choice questions will only allow a limited number of attempts. Homework due dates will be strictly enforced and will not be extended on an individual basis.- Midterms Tests (50%): There will be 3 midterm exams throughout the semester. Make up tests will only be granted in the event of a documented emergency and the instructor must be notified before the test is given. More details about the testing procedure will beannounced in Canvas. Test 1: Thu. 2/11/21 (Sections 10.1-10.9)Test 2: Thu. 3/18/21 (Sections 11.1-11.7, 12.1-12.3)Test 3: Thu. 4/15/21 (Sections 12.5-12.7, 13.1-13.4)- Final Exam (25%): There will be a comprehensive final exam at the end of the semes-ter. It will be proctored remotely, just like the midterm exams. Location and time TBA.GRADING SCALE: Grades will be based on your overall weighted percentage. The lettergrade assignments are shown below.97-100 % = A+, 93-96.99 % = A, 90-92.99 % = A-87-89.99 % = B+, 83-86.99 % = B, 80-82.99 % = B-77-79.99 % = C+, 70-76.99 % = C, 60-69.99 % = D, 0-59.99 % = ETUTORING: Free online tutoring for this class is available through the University Academic Success Program at ASU. Please visit https://tutoring.asu.edu/ for more information.TENTATIVE DATES FOR LECTURES AND EXAMS (Subject to change)WeekDatesSections11/11-1/1510.1 3D Coordinate Systems10.2 Vectors21/18-1/2210.3 The Dot Product10.4 The Cross Product31/25-1/2910.5 Equations of Lines & Planes10.7 Vector Functions & Space Curves42/1-2/510.8 Arc Length & Curvature10.9 Motion in Space52/8-2/1211.1 Functions of Several VariablesTEST 1 on 2/11 (Sections 10.1 – 10.9)62/15-2/1911.3 Partial Derivatives11.4 Tangent Planes & Linear Approximations11.5 The Chain Rule72/22-2/2611.6 Directional Derivatives & The Gradient Vector11.7 Maximum & Minimum Values83/1-3/512.1 Double Integrals over Rectangles12.2 Double Integrals Over General Regions9 3/8-3/1212.3 Double Integrals in Polar Coordinates12.5 Triple Integrals103/15-3/1912.6 Triple Integrals in Cylindrical CoordinatesTEST 2 on 3/18 ( 11.1-11.7, 12.1-12.3)113/22-3/2612.7 Triple Integrals in Spherical Coordinates13.1 Vector Fields123/29-4/213.2 Line Integrals13.3 The Fundamental Theorem for Line Integrals134/5-4/913.4 Green’s Theorem13.5 Curl & Divergence144/12-4/1613.5 Curl & DivergenceTEST 3 on 4/15 (12.5-12.7, 13.1 – 13.4)154/19-4/2313.6 Parametric Surfaces & Their Areas13.7 Surface Integrals164/26-4/3013.7 Surface Integrals Final Exam Review175/3-5/7Final Exam (Cumulative and including 13.5-13.7)Course Withdrawal Deadline: the last day to withdraw from the class is 4/4/2021. Complete Withdrawal Deadline: the last day to withdraw from all your classes is 4/30/2021. EXAMSThere will be three 50 minute midterm exams and one 110 minute final exam givenduring the semester.DD All exams will be taken on the dates indicatedDon the given table.Non CAS graphing calculators are allowed on the exams, but graphing calculators thatdo symbolic algebra are not allowed on the exams (see below). Your calculator may beviewed during exams and it will be taken away if it is a CAS calculator or have itsmemory cleared if anything suspicious is written therein.D The instructor has the rightto regard any suspicious material in your calculator memory as cheating. Any studentwho accesses a phone or any internet-capable/camera device during

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