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Gorn 1ENG 107: First Year Composition for International StudentsInstructor: Emily GornPhone: 480.965.3853 (messages only option 6)Email: [email protected]: McClintock Hall 138Office Hours: Tues/Thurs 10:4511:45Mon/Wed 1:452:45ENG 107: 24729 MW 3:004:15 PMENG 107: 15989 MW 4:305:45 PMRequired Textbook (used in the previous semester):The Composition of Everyday Life: Brief Edition 4th ed. John Mauk and John Metz, Cengage,2013ISBN: 9781111840549Additional Materials:● One folder or a large binder for keeping your written work● A notebook or large notebook section for notes● A journal or ample loose leaf paper for in class writing assignments● A USB drive or other dependable method of saving work electronicallyEnglish 107 is the firstsemester writing course for students for whom English is a second language. Itaims to increase students' ability to develop ideas, to express ideas effectively, and to engage differentliteracies. It gives special attention to expository and persuasive writing. Critical reading of articles,speeches, and other nonliterary texts helps students to understand the rhetorical process, to analyzeaudience and its cultural contexts, and to foresee the audience's response. During the 16week semesterstudents will complete four formal written projects. Combined the final drafts of these four projectsshould result in approximately 5,000 words (this is equivalent to about 20 pages using standardacademic format). Additionally, a final reflection is required.English 107 credits are equivalent of English 101 credits. For further information go to ASU WritingPrograms website.http://english.clas.asu.edu/writingprograms1 of 14**Disclaimer**This syllabus is to be used as a guideline only. The information provided is a summary of topics to be covered in the class.Information contained in this document such as assignments, grading scales, due dates, office hours, required books and materials may be froma previous semester and are subject to change. Please refer to your instructor for the most recent version of the syllabus.Gorn 2Major Projects and Grade Components:Your final grade will be calculated from points assigned to the following assignments:AssignmentPoints (out of 1000)Project 1: Autobiographical Narrative*200Project 2: Descriptive Essay*200Project 3: Causal Analysis *200Project 4: Final Reflection100Homework (6 homework assignments**, 3draft assignments, and a syllabus quiz)***1503 Presentations /Class Participation ****150● *Your outline, first draft, and peer review sheets represent 30% of the essay grade(submitted with the final draft of each essay on the due date)● **Optional recommended readings have been added to the syllabus. These are nothomework or extra credit assignments.● ***Homework will not be accepted after the due date.● ****Bringing a first draft to class for peer review counts toward your class participationgrade. If you don’t bring a first draft to class, you will receive a point deduction.● Incomplete papers (doesn’t meet the required page count) will receive a grade deduction● I will not accept work sent by email.Drafts:2 of 14Gorn 3Drafting and going through the peer review process are essential to help students grow as writers.Therefore, students are expected to have complete (typed) drafts of their papers for peer reviews. Ifstudents come to class without their draft, they will receive a zero for the peer review. If students cometo class with only a partial draft, they will receive half the credit for the peer review. (Pre-writing notesdo not count as a partial draft.)Copies of Work:It is your responsibility to keep all electronic and hard copies of your work throughout the class. You willneed to access these copies at various stages of the writing process. Do not throw anything away, foryou will need it again!Conferences:I will conduct writing conferences with students throughout the semester. During writing conferences,class will be canceled; however, if you miss a conference, you will be counted absent for the samenumber of classes that were canceled in order to conduct the conferences. For example, if I cancel twoclasses to conduct conferences and you miss your scheduled conference time, you will accumulate twoabsences.Additional Support/Writing CenterI am always available to help you with your writing. You can see me during my regular office hours ormake an appointment with me. If you are having trouble with any project or during any phase of thewriting process, I encourage you to come and see me. However, do not wait until the last minute toreceive help.In addition, ASU tutors in the ASU Writing Center are available to assist students. For hours, locations,and scheduling, please visit: http://studentsuccess.asu.edu/home/writingcentersSubmitting WorkAll assignments are due at the beginning of class on the day they are due. If students fail to submit theirassignments when collected, points will be deducted and late work policies will be implemented.Extra Credit:I do offer extra credit opportunities; however, you must be present to earn extra credit. Studentscannot make up extra credit work. I will provide extra credit points for stellar and engaged classparticipation as well as assignments.3 of 14Gorn 4Late Writing Projects/AssignmentsAll writing projects are due by the deadline noted in the calendar. If students do not have them when theyare due, they will lose one letter grade from the final assignment grade for each class day it is late. Thismeans if a student’s writing project is due on Tuesday and is not submitted until Thursday, the student willlose one letter grade from the final writing project grade. If the final assignment grade is a B, theassignment will receive a C.Note: If students do not have their homework assignments or rough drafts for peer reviews orconferences, they will receive a zero. Late homework will not be accepted, and peer reviews and/orconferences cannot be made up.Note: Computer and printer problems are not valid excuses for late work.Standard Writing Programs Policies1. Policy on class attendanceStudents are expected to attend all class sessions. Because Writing Programs courses incorporatefrequent small- and large-group activities into lessons, students who are absent affect not onlytheir own learning, but that of their fellow students. Therefore, only two weeks’ worth of absences(see below) will be allowed for the

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