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ECN 211: Macroeconomic PrinciplesSpring C 2022 SLN: 34930Professor: Andrei Kovrijnykh, Ph.D.Office Hours: by appointment onlyTo contact me for an appointment outside of office hours:Email: [email protected]*Virtual Office (Zoom room): https://asu.zoom.us/j/9081351487Class Meeting time: Online, January 10 - April 29* If you have a question about something in the class (e.g., about course content, requirements,Canvas navigation, or other class details), it’s likely that other students are wondering the samething. Please post such questions in the appropriate Discussions board forum in Canvas — seedetails below. There, they can be answered by me or a classmate who knows the answer to thebenefit of everyone in the course. If you have a private matter that needs to be communicatedover email, please see the "Communication & Email Policy" to ensure a swift reply (failure toabide by those guidelines may result in a delayed response or none at all).This is an online course with all materials and assignments located in Canvas.Course Overview and Educational ObjectivesECN 211 - An introduction to theory of aggregate income, employment, and the price level.Topics include unemployment, inflation, monetary and fiscal policies, and economic growth. Thiscourse has four objectives:● Understand what macroeconomics tries to explain● Construction of macroeconomic models● Apply macroeconomic models to explain aggregate income, employment, and the pricelevel● Apply macroeconomic models to understand the role of fiscal and monetary policiesExpectations of the StudentIn order to be successful as a college student and especially in this online course, you musttake ownership of the learning process – each student is responsible for navigating theonline course; reading, watching and taking notes on all of the course materials available to you;knowing and meeting all scheduled course requirements (e.g. readings, supplemental videocontent, discussions, homework, quizzes and exams), practicing problems on your own andutilizing ungraded practice material, and working with technical support to resolve technicalissues.Each week you are expected to:1. Read all Announcements and information within the Weekly Modules and follow theinstructions within them.2. Read and take notes on all assigned chapters in the text and/or material posted onCanvas.3. Watch and take notes on all supplemental video content associated with the assignedreadings in Canvas.4. Utilize additional (i.e., ungraded) practice material in MindTap to master the subjectmaterial.5. Submit graded homework assignments in MindTap and graded exams in Canvas by theirscheduled due date and time.6. Dedicate at least 18 hours per week preparing for and actively participating in thecourse. Please see more information below about the time commitment associated witha three-credit hour course.W. P. Carey School of Business Learning GoalsThe Undergraduate Program of the W. P. Carey School of Business has established thefollowing learning goals for its graduates:1. Critical Thinking2. Communication3. Discipline Specific Knowledge4. Ethical Awareness and Reasoning5. Global AwarenessItems in bold have significant coverage in this course.Economics Department Learning GoalsThe economics department has established the following criteria for the first threeundergraduate learning goals:● Discipline Specific Knowledge○ Demonstrates knowledge of resource allocation mechanisms and theirimplications for efficiency, distribution, employment, and growth○ Demonstrates knowledge of the models, methods and statisticaltechniques used by economists to study human behavior○ Demonstrates knowledge of the effects of government policies onefficiency, distribution, employment, price stability and growth● Critical Thinking○ Identifies a question (or problem) and gathers relevant information toanalyze it○ Draws inferences that are supported by the data/evidence and the analysis○ Synthesizes analysis and theory to draw conclusions or make recommendations● Communication○ Constructs a logical argument based on economic principles and observedevidence○ Effectively communicates in oral form○ Effectively communicates in written formItems in bold have significant coverage in this course.Required MaterialsTextbook & MindTapOnline-only option (minimum requirement, comes with eText):Mankiw, Gregory N. (2021). Principles of Macroeconomics (6 months MindTap Access), 9thedition. Boston: Cengage. ISBN: 9780357133620Bundle option (cheaper option if you want a physical copy of the text):Mankiw, Gregory N. (2021). Principles of Macroeconomics (Loose Pgs) (with MindTapAccess), 9th edition. Boston: Cengage. ISBN: 9780357530634The textbook is very important for our course: it covers all the material you are expected tomaster. You are expected to read all assigned chapters/sections as the courseprogresses—when only specific sections of the chapter are covered, those sections will beclearly stated under each chapter’s overview in Canvas.MindTap is what allows you to access the eText, your Homework Assignments, and otherpractice material (including Concept-Clips, Graph Builders, Video Lessons, Video ProblemWalkthroughs, End-of-Chapter Questions, and Adaptive Test Prep). If you prefer to purchaseonly MindTap, you will have access to an electronic text. If you purchase a physical text, makesure the text includes MindTap access. The text offered by the ASU bookstore includes anaccess code. Most used or rental texts do not include access.The link to access, register for and/or purchase our class specific MindTap course is foundwithin the “Welcome and Start Here” page under textbook information. Cengage offers adiscounted rate for ASU students. You can pay online using a credit card or enter a previouslyobtained access code. There is a trial period available. After the free trial ends you will berequired to pay for access. At the end of the free trial period, your course access will besuspended until your payment has been made. All your scores and course activity will be savedand will be available to you after you pay for access. To check whether your computer meets therequirements for using MindTap, please visit Cengage's System Requirements page. TheSystem Check is also accessible in the drop-down box next to your name located in the upperright corner of your MindTap page.Canvas & ASU EmailAccess to Canvas is required. Canvas is a learning management system

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