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Unit 5 Writing AssignmentName: Julian AllenRecitation: 12TA: MayaOutlining a Policy Brief: Colorado Clean Trucks StrategyTitle:Colorado Clean Trucks StrategyExecutive Summary:Trucks are leading in GHG and carbon emissions. Jared Polis's plan includes starting a vision totransition to zero emissions in these heavy duty vehicles. We need to also reduce pollutants forall vehicles.Context or Scope of Problem:● With transportation being the leading source of carbon emissions, we need to changeour approach on trucks to try to reduce our carbon footprint. “The study found thataccelerating the transition to zero-emission medium- to heavy-duty vehicles couldreduce greenhouse gas emissions by those trucks by 45 to 59 percent, reduce nitrogenoxide emissions by 54 to 93 percent and reduce particulate matter emissions by 53 to 68percent below 2005 levels.” (Carey, 2022).● Stressing the significance of air quality on human health.● Convert diesel to zero emissions or natural resource options.Policy Alternatives:We could start funding public transportation more to help reduce our emissions on anindividual basis.Implementation of incentives for commercial and private owned transportation/ truckcompanies.Policy Recommendations:The implementation of these Clean Truck Strategies are imperative for the future of humanhealth and our climate crisis. This implementation would not only help our emission footprint,but also save money. According to codot.gov, “this could save an estimated $5.8 billion by 2050from reduced vehicle maintenance costs and fuel cost savings by switching to zero-emissionvehicles.”(Codot.gov, 2022). It could also “reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% to 59%,reduce nitrogen oxide emissions 54% to 93% and reduce particulate matter emissions 53% to68% below 2005 levels by 2050.”(Codot.gov, 2022). There are 34 steps to ensure the transitionin Jared Polis’s strategy to support this transition.Appendices:It is our job to ensure that the clean truck strategies are implemented successfully to ensurepublic health safety and help slow our climate crisis. This policy will help reduce air pollution,save small business money, and reduce emissions.Sources:Carey |, L., & Investment. (n.d.). Colorado gov. Polis' clean truck strategy would reducepollution, save money. Transportation Today. Retrieved April 13, 2022, fromhttps://transportationtodaynews.com/news/25817-colorado-gov-polis-clean-truck-strategy-would-reduce-pollution-save-money/Codot.gov, Polis administration's clean truck strategy would reduce pollution, save money.Colorado Department of Transportation. (2022, March 4). Retrieved April 13, 2022, fromhttps://www.codot.gov/news/2022/march/polis-clean-truck-strategy-reduces-pollutionMinor, N. (2022, March 4). Colorado's clean truck strategy favors incentives now, regulationslater. Colorado Public Radio. Retrieved April 13, 2022, fromhttps://www.cpr.org/2022/03/03/colorado-clean-truck-emissions-air-quality/Grading rubric5 points total: 2 points for completion, 3 points for quality of policy brief outline.2 points: A complete outline that addresses each aspect of the policy brief at the appropriatelevel of resolution (1-3 sentences for each main content section: Executive Summary throughPolicy Recommendations) and at least three reliable sources1 point: Quality of content—the outline displays key claims in a cogent argument about thepolicy issue—the claims and justifications are well-selected (no major gaps, germane content)1 point: An APA-style bibliography of at least 3 reliable sources (can be drawn from BallotPediasource list)1 point: Quality of writing—using clear, concise, direct prose and well-formed sentences;APA-style

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CU-Boulder ENVS 1000 - Unit 5 Writing Assignment

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