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The two very important recommendations that I find impactful for parents and/orprofessionals are obtained from Bringing Up Bookmonsters. The first recommendation that Ihighly encourage parents to follow is to depend less on devices. From a very young age, parentsintroduce tablets/technology to their children in order to distract them and avoid any tantrums.However, screen usage interferes greatly with a child's physical/mental health, social skills, andbehavior management(Ankowski 83-84). Parents use these devices not knowing they are causingmore harm than good. The solution to this is to depend less on devices and focus more onengaging the child in a different way. In reference to Bringing Up Bookmonsters, “challengeyoungsters to behave more like the responsible big kids they’re becoming. Encourage them toengage in polite conversation with their voices at an appropriate volume. Bring battery-freebooks for reading or papers for coloring…and treat your tablet as an absolute lastresort”(Ankowski 87). Technological devices should be used in case of emergencies, not on aregular basis. This information is essential for parents as it allows them to be more mindful oftheir children. This recommendation is a great guide to effective parenting for my own future asit allows me to raise my children with minimal mistakes.The second recommendation that I found is the tip to incorporate reading throughout thechild’s daily routine, not just before bedtime, to be educational and even life-changing. Mostparents incorporate reading into their child’s bedtime routine because that’s usually when theyare free. However, the negative effect of reading before bed is that it can “limit your child’sliteracy development”… and also “could end their habit of reading altogether…”(Ankowski 46).The solution to this would be to “ make sure to share books and stories with your kid all aroundthe clock” such as reading before a bath, breakfast, lunch or audiobooks in the car (Ankowski46). Reading to children at all times can change their attitudes towards reading and make theassociation of reading to having fun. I always associated reading with bedtime and now that Iunderstand why it might not be the best choice for a child, I can use this tip in the future when Ihave a child. Reading to a child is crucial for cognitive development, so I want to make sure Icontribute to this development

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