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Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Web App Development Syllabus 2020-2021General Course Information Teacher Contact InformationPaul KosekRoom 206 (Second Floor Research Wing, off Curie Commons)[email protected] (primary) - [email protected] (not monitored - use only when explicitly directed) Virtual Platform linksBlackboard Collaborate will be used for Synchronous Classes. individual links will be emailed to your fcpsschools.net emailGoogle Classroom will be for upload and assignment submission:GC Link: https://classroom.google.com/c/MjQ3MTE5MDU0OTU3?cjc=ghirjec(Join code ghirjec)Office Hours TBAClass Meeting Schedule(Mr. Kosek’s schedule in parenthenses) TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS (BLUE) WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS (RED)8:40-10:05Period 1 (Kosek => m/w research)Period 5WEB APP DEVELOPMENT10:25-11:50Period 2 (Kosek => planning)Period 6WEB APP DEVELOPMENT12:00-12:40 Lunch12:50-2:15Period 3 (Kosek => m/w research) Period 7 (Kosek => planning)2:35-4:00Period 4 (Kosek => m/w research)Period 8Period 8* (starts 5 min. earlier than period 4 to give equal time to breakout blocks)2:30-3:10 Period 8A3:20-4:00 Period 8BAttendance Class attendance will be taken. A student is considered absent when there is no evidence that the student participated in virtual learning, as expected. Attendance will be additionally verified using a google form.Technology AssistanceAll students have a help document in their grade-level Google Classroom. Additionally, students canalso email the TJ Tech Team from their fcpsschools.net account, at [email protected], if assistance is needed, or check with the FCPS Help Desk. Course OverviewWeb Application Development is a laboratory based course in which students develop a deep understanding of the processes and theories involved in creating Web Applications. This is aThomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Web App Development Syllabus 2020-2021practical Computer Science course in hands-on programming. Topics covered include:- Client Side Development – covering JavaScript, JSON, CSS / HTML formatting, forms, AJAX, DOM and Canvas- Server Side Development – covering Node.js, Templating, API usage and Oauth- Databases – MySQLFurthermore the course explores concepts such as Asynchronous Workflows, Object Oriented Programming and Data Structure Design that span the depth and breadth of the above topics .At the end of the course students should be able to develop their own web server with a database backend, login mechanisms and on a local computer or cloud platform.The material presented in this course is cumulative and therefore you are strongly encouraged to stay on top of work. Textbook(s) and Virtual ResourcesThere are no textbooks for the course. Electronic resources will be distributed through blackboardEnd of Course ExamsThere is no end of course examination, however there will be a large culminating project spanning over the final weeks of the course.Equity TJHSST is committed to helping students understand, honor, and value the importance of identity and equity as it relates to their courses and their lives. TJHSST is also committed to acknowledging and celebrating the differences of our community’s members in a culture of inclusivity.Digital Citizenship and the Virtual Classroom EnvironmentIn order to master the life skills for behaving safely, ethically and responsibly online, students will:● work with their parents and teachers to learn how technology is used for learning and to advance their college and career goals.● proactively approach their use of technology with empathy, ethics, and a sense of individual, social, and civic responsibility.● use technology in a safe and respectful manner.● understand their rights and abide by the responsibilities set forth in the FCPS Student Rightsand Responsibilities.● use technology as described in the FCPS Acceptable Use Policy when at school and when using school resources.● follow the rules and expectations set by their parents/caregivers at home.Grade CalculationsGeneral Grading StatementsThe final grade assigned indicates the level of achievement in accordance with the POS developed for the Web Application Development course.Assignments will be graded and grades will be posted within 7 school days after the due date with the understanding that major projects/papers may require additional time to ensure qualityThomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Web App Development Syllabus 2020-2021feedback. FCPS Secondary Grading and Reporting website Grading Policies - Grades are determined by calculating the percentage of total points earned. - Grades will be calculated using a rolling (continuous) gradebook.Generally speaking, assigned work in the course will fall into one of five categories1. Ungraded Homework – this encompasses watching videos / reading tutorials. Assigned as new topics are introduced.2. Graded Homework (10 points / assignment) – involves completing supplemental tutorials. Assigned <5 times over the duration of the course.3. Short Assignments (5 points / assignment) – in class demonstrations of concepts. Assigned as new topics are introduced.4. Major Assignments (25 points / assignment) – larger labs intended to demonstrate proficiency of a concept. Assigned several times throughout the course.5. Outstanding Work (20% of points assigned on Major Assignments) – Assigned in conjunctionwith Major Assignments. Outstanding Work is additional work beyond the stated rubric of the major assignment that demonstrates mastery / self-directed additional work with a topic. Assessed when finished or at the end of the course.Quarter Grades: The quarter grade represents the state of the points average taken at the end of the quarter. Note that this will likely not be the mathematical midpoint of points accumulated, as there tend to be smaller introductory assignments in the first quarter of the course.● No one assignment or assessment will count for more than 30% of the total quarter grade.● Homework is limited to no more than 10% of the total quarter grade ● Per grading and reporting, there will be at a minimum 9 grades per quarter. Final Grades: The final grade will be determined by calculating the percentage of total points earned.Grading Policies Homework Time Allotment: Deadlines for labs in this course are designed such that they can be completed in the allotted class time plus roughly one to two (1-2)

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Web App Development Syllabus

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