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Penn State University - University ParkMATH 230, Multivariable Calculus and Vector AnalysisSpring 2022CATALOG DESCRIPTION: MATH 230 Three dimensional analytic geometry; vectors in space; par-tial differentiation; double and triple integrals; integral vector calculus. (Students who have passed eitherMath 231 or Math 232 may not schedule Math 230 or Math 230H for credit.)PREREQUISITE: MATH 141 or MATH 141HREQUIRED MATERIALS:• Textbook: Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 4th Edition by Jon Rogawksi. A hardcover textbook canbe bought at the bookstore, or you can purchase a loose-leaf version on from the Achieve website.• Online: An activated Achieve account. When you sign up for Achieve, be sure to use your Penn Stateemail address and the same name that is on the Canvas class roster.COURSE FORMAT: There are four 50-minute lectures each week. The sections covered in lectures arelisted at the end of this document.MATH 230 LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion, the student will be familiar withvectors, vector operations, equations of curves and surfaces in space, calculus calculations involving curves,the calculation and applications of differentiation of functions of several variables, the calculation and appli-cations of double and triple integrals, vector fields, the calculation of line and surface integrals, and theoremsregarding vector calculus integrals (fundamental theorem of line integrals, Green’s theorem, Stokes’ theorem,and divergence theorem). These are covered in Chapters 12-17 of the textbook.CALCULATORS: A graphing calculator is useful as a study and learning tool when used appropriately,but will not be used for exams or quizzes. There will be times when an online calculator or graphing programwill be necessary for homework, but those resources will be made available to you.TUTORS and PENN STATE LEARNING: Free mathematics tutoring is available at Penn StateLearning. You can find information about their online and in-person options at the following site:https://pennstatelearning.psu.edu/tutoring/mathematicsEXAMINATIONS: Three exams will be given outside of class time throughout the semester — two 75-minute exams are given during the semester and a third cumulative 110-minute exam given during finalexam week.Exam 1 February 8Exam 2 March 22Exam 3 TBARooms for examinations will be announced by your instructor at a later date. Be sure to bring your PennState ID to all exams.The textbook sections covered on each exam are listed in the schedule at the end of this document.CONFLICT & MAKEUP EXAM POLICY: If there is a valid, documented reason for not beingavailable during all the regular examination time windows, such as a class or another official universityactivity, or illness, a student may arrange with the instructor to take a conflict or makeup exam.• For each midterm, a conflict exam will be given the same night as the regular exam at a different time.Students who attend the conflict exam will not be permitted to leave the exam room before the endof the time period.1• The week after each midterm, a makeup exam will be given for those students who missed the conflictand makeup exam. You need to email your instructor as soon as possible regarding last minute conflictsor illness. Students who are unable to take the regular exam but able to take the conflict exam andnot allowed to sign up for the makeup exam.NOTE: If you miss an exam without an official excuse (such as illness or official universitybusiness), you may be allowed to take a makeup exam, but with an automatic 10 point deduc-tion from the grade. To avoid this deduction, you must notify your instructor via email withyour official excuse, within 24 hours of the missed exam.Personal business, such as travel, employment, weddings, graduations, or attendance at publicevents such as concerts, sporting events, and Greek Rush events, is not a valid excuse. For-getting the date or time of an examination is not a valid excuse.FINAL EXAMINATION: The final examination will be given during the week, May 2-6, 2022. Thefinal examination may be scheduled on any day during the final examination period. Studentsmay access their final exam schedules February 14, through their Lionpath account. Notification of con-flicts is given on the student’s final exam schedule.There are two types of conflict final examinations: direct and overload. Direct conflicts are two examinationsscheduled at the same time. Overload examinations are defined as three or more examinations scheduled inconsecutive time periods or within one calendar day. Students may elect to take the three or more examina-tions on the same day if they wish or request a conflict final examination. A student must take actionto request a conflict exam through Lionpath between February 14 and March 6. Conflict finalexaminations cannot be scheduled through the Mathematics department. Students who miss orcannot take the final examination due to a valid and documented reason, such as illness, may be allowedto take a makeup final examination at the beginning of the next semester. Personal business, such astravel, employment, weddings, graduations, or attendance at public events such, as concertsand sporting events is not a valid excuse. Forgetting the date or time of an examination is not avalid excuse. If the student does not have a valid reason, as explained above, a 10 point penalty will beimposed. All such makeup examinations must be arranged through the instructor with the approval of thecourse coordinator, and students in such a situation should contact their instructors within 24 hours of thescheduled final examination. Students who have taken the original final examination are not permitted totake a makeup examination.COURSE GRADES: Grades will be assigned on the basis of 500 points, distributed as follow:Achieve Homework 50Written Homework 50Quizzes/In-class Work 50Exams 1-2 (100 each) 200Final Exam 150Total 500Final course grades will be assigned as follows:2Grade Raw Score Minimum PercentA 465-500 93%A- 450-464 90%B+ 435-449 87%B 415-434 83%B- 400-414 80%C+ 385-399 77%C 350-384 70%D 300-349 60%F 0-299 0%HOMEWORK: There are three types of assignments for this course.1. Online Homework on Achieve. These assignments are completed online through your Achieveaccount. There will be one assignment per section, and so you will need to complete multiple sectionsper week. You are responsible for activating your Achieve account no later than Tuesday, January

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