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1) The actor is the first person to shape a production after the playwright?TrueFalseQuestion 21/ 1pts2) The director is responsible for the overall unity of a production and for coordinating the work of actors and designers.TrueFalseQuestion 31/ 1pts3) The traditional director's starting point or foundation is the script.TrueFalseQuestion 41/ 1pts4) Determining the spine of the play, also referred to as the main action, is not important to a traditional director.TrueFalseQuestion 51/ 1pts5)Everymanis a medieval morality play.TrueFalseQuestion 61/ 1pts6)Important characters are frequentlyplaced on a level above other characters.TrueFalseQuestion 71/ 1pts7)The director meets with designers tomake sure their work is on schedule andkeeping pace with the rehearsals.TrueFalseQuestion 81/ 1pts8) It is not important for the director to choose a time period and location to set the play in.TrueFalseQuestion 91/ 1pts9) It is not important for the director to analyze the script.TrueFalseQuestion 105/ 5pts10) Match the character fromEverymanto their primary objective or goal.Confession   Fellowship    God   Good Deeds   KnowledgeComorts Everyman and gives the jew el of penance, counsels to ask God for mercy, and leads Everyman to put on the garment of sorrow w hich leads to forgiveness.Promises comfort and companionship but forsakes Everyman.Calls Everyman to give an account of his life after rejecting mercy and choosing to live like a beast.Unable to help at first meeting, but counsels Everyman to take sister know ledge for help.    Question 111/ 1pts11) The controlling idea, vision, or point of view that the director feels is appropriate for the play; it should create a unified theatrical experience for the audience.expressionismthe auteurdeconstructiondirectorial conceptQuestion 121/ 1pts12) Symbolic representation of abstract themes through characters, action, and other concrete elements of a play.naturalismallegorythe spinefarceQuestion 13Leads Everyman to Confession.1/ 1pts13) Pattern and arrangement of performers' movements onstage with respect to each other and to the stage space, usually set by the director.castingauditionblockingtypecastingQuestion 141/ 1pts14) The individual who works on literary and historical issues with members of the artistic team mounting a theatre production.auteurstage managerproducerdramaturgQuestion 151/ 1pts15) The individual who works as the right-hand person to the director, doing such tasks as takingnotes, keeping track of blocking, noting decisions about visual elements, communicating with allof the designers, making sure everyone is aware of rehearsal schedules, and keeping daily reportsand logs.auteurstage managerproducerdramaturgQuestion 161/ 1pts16)A rehearsal performed as if an audience were present,with no stops or interruptions and withfulllights, scenery, costumes, and sound.Tuck and runTechnical rehearsalDress

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