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1 Why do we tell stories To teach To entertain To share our values All of the previous answers are correct Question 2 1 1 pts 2 It is easy to define art because everyone agrees on what is beautiful False Question 3 1 1 pts 3 Art is selective because the artist chooses what to communicate the message and how to communicate it the method False Question 4 1 1 pts 4 Photography is an example of a literary fixed art True True True False Question 5 1 1 pts 5 Poetry is an example of a literary fixed art False Question 6 1 1 pts 6 Sculpture is an example of a visual fixed art False Question 7 3 3 pts 7 Match the type of art to its definition Performing Arts Events that change and are transitory Fixed Arts Mediated Arts Do not change like architecture frozen in time True True Transitory performances captured or recorded through the use of other media Question 8 1 1 pts 8 If there is no audience for a performing arts event it is only a rehearsal False Question 9 1 1 pts 9 Characters onstage never speak their inner thoughts aloud to the audience False Question 10 1 1 pts 10 Most people understand that in theatre art our minds manage two seemingly contradictory feats simultaneously on the one hand we know that an imagined event is not objectively real but at the same time we accept it completely as fantasy Samuel Taylor Coleridge called this the willing suspension of disbelief the Othello complex Question 11 1 1 pts 11 Your theatre experience will be shaped by your background and expectations True True insanity childhood True False Question 12 1 1 pts 12 Broadway is where you find the famous large theatre district in downtown Tampa Florida False Question 13 1 1 pts 13 Off Broadway started in the 1950 s as an alternative to costly Broadway and the theatres usually hold fewer than 200 seats False Question 14 1 1 pts 14 When going to the theatre you should always arrive late False Question 15 1 1 pts 15 At the theatre the bathroom is where the audience waits for the show to start True True True False Question 16 1 1 pts 16 Don t talk to other audience members during the theatre show False Question 17 1 1 pts 17 Never laugh in the theatre False Question 18 1 1 pts 18 A critic is someone who observes theatre and then analyzes and comments on it True True True True False

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