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Running head COUNTRY COMPARISON ESSAY 1 Country Comparison Essay Student s Name Institution Affiliation COUNTRY COMPARISON ESSAY 2 Country Comparison Essay Change of business location depends on the understanding of the culture of a particular area For example the merging of Donnelly Technologies and Mashenka Industries results in different issues that need knowledge for business prosperity and growth Both of the organizations are within the different locations where Mashenka is within Ukraine and Donnelly within Ireland Due to businesses merging the current CEO of Donnelly will have to move to Ireland as the new headquarter will be within the same country Also all the executives within Ukraine will have to move to Ireland leaving employees dealing with operations and mining The purpose of such immigration is to diversify and increase the workforce of the organization During such a process of movement different cultures will mix which can cause cross cultural tensions hence the top management has another role of understanding the culture within Ireland for addressing such tension Question 1 Based on the described scenario it is evident that there will be difficult situations blending operations and employees from the two organizations The dimension of power distance by Hofstede describes a society where individuals are not equal Power distance is the extent where less powerful members of organizations and institutions in a country accept and expect there is an unequal distribution of power Country Comparison Hofstede Insights 2020 For example Ukraine which was the base of operation of Donnelly has a score of 92 which represents a very distant in society among the power holders The great importance of status symbols illuminates with the discrepancy between the more and the less powerful people Ireland which scores 28 and which will be the host of new company headquarter believes there should be minimum inequalities among the people Most organizations within the country follow COUNTRY COMPARISON ESSAY 3 hierarchy as a way of promoting convenience It is easier to access the superiors as managers are dependent on expertise provided by individual employees and teams Therefore it will be difficult for the CEO and executives to control the operations and employees within Ireland based on the strategy used in Ukraine Question 2 The hardest challenge with the merging of two organizations is the dimension of uncertainty avoidance For example Ukrainians have the challenge of addressing the ambiguous situations During planning they strongly depend on background information where most of their briefing is very common Ireland on the other hand considers ideas where they encourage people to be imaginative The organizations within the country rely on creativity where new ways of addressing problems are welcome Most people consider practical facts rather than too much technical language Country Comparison Hofstede Insights 2020 This situation becomes hardest as the top management has the role of understanding both the cultures for them to formulate strategies that will work in both countries Question 3 As the CEO of Donnelly to attain success under such circumstances needs new strategies that do not affect the operations and activities of other employees Therefore the first thing will be the development of a framework that will help develop align and manage the organization to attain improvements Develop will help in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization where strategic priorities will emerge to address the identified gaps Align will help to ensure all the employees are working to solve one mission and one goal through the utilization of the set strategic priorities Lastly management will ensure employees exercise values and COUNTRY COMPARISON ESSAY 4 behaviors that promote discipline within the workplace Therefore through such a framework the organization will manage to address issues resulting from the merging and attain improvements COUNTRY COMPARISON ESSAY 5 Reference Country Comparison Hofstede Insights 2020 Retrieved 27 April 2020 from https www hofstede insights com country comparison ireland ukraine

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