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German 59: The Holocaust in Film and Literature Discussion Group Section J Course Instructor: Professor Renata Fuchs Section TA: Kelly Pike ([email protected]) Section Time/Room: F 12:00-12:50, Boelter 5273 Office Hours (via appointment): Fridays (2:00pm- 4:00pm) (Additional Meetings can be arranged with enough notice before hand) Office Location: B5 Royce Hall Discussion Section In discussion section, you have the opportunity to discuss in a more intimate setting some of the important issues raised in lecture and the readings/films. Here, you can ask questions and seek clarification of any points that you feel you haven’t fully grasped. In particular, we will be working on close analysis of the course materials in order to ensure and increase your comprehension of the week’s concepts in preparation for the final exam. Section Requirements Your class participation grade (which is in large part determined by your performance in discussion section) constitutes 10% of your final course grade. It will be evaluated based on the following factors: Attendance: Regular attendance is mandatory. v If you must miss a section for unavoidable reasons, it is your responsibility to notify me in advance and to obtain any information distributed or communicated verbally (i.e. notes and handouts) in that class. v In such a circumstance you must provide written documentation of your unavoidable event. v In such a circumstance you will also write a one-page response paper to the course materials covered in discussion section that class. v Please make an effort to come to section on time. Participation: This includes both sharing your own ideas and listening to and respecting what others have to say. v No mobile phones in class. No exceptions. (Please put them away entirely.) v Your presence alone will not count as participation if you do not actively offer ideas that contribute to the class discussion- so, please do so. Assignments: You are expected to arrive at lecture having read/watched all course materials and lectures of that week. This includes: v Lectures Questions-Please bring any questions or points that you would like clarified from the week’s lectures by Prof. Fuchs. We will review these questions at the top of each meeting.v Readings- Any readings assigned that week (sometimes the week’s reading includes novels, plan accordingly) v Films- These will need to be watched on your own time before they are discussed in lecture and discussion group. v Section Assignments (i.e. group-work, informal writing exercises, discussion questions, peer-lead discussions, etc) Peer Discussion Leaders: In order to improve your comprehension, each of you will lead one discussion this quarter. We will assign topics/ dates for each person in Week Two. WEEKLY BREAK-DOWN This is a breakdown of the materials to be discussed in each group meeting. If materials are listed under a date, they are to be read/watched before we meet on that date. Sept. 29 Historical Contexts Oct. 5 From Anti-Semitism to Genocide • Films: Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will (to be discussed in 10/2 lecture) • The Eternal Jew (to be discussed in 10/4 lecture) • Readings: CCLE Week 1 Oct. 12 From Anti-Semitism to Genocide • Film: The Wannsee (to be discussed in 10/11 lecture) • Readings: CCLE Week 2 PAPER DUE: Thursday, Oct. 25 (Experiencing History Project) Oct. 19 Imagining the Final Solution • Photos: Nazi Photo Album (to be discussed in 10/18 lecture) • Readings: CCLE Week 3(to be discussed in 10/18 lecture) Oct. 26 Bearing Witness • Novel: Elie Wiesel, Night (to be discussed in 10/23 lecture) • Readings: CCLE Week 4- Poetry (to be discussed in 10/25 lecture) Nov. 2 Bearing Witness • Readings: CCLE Week 5 Poetry (in Wk. 4 Folder) • Film: Schindler’s List (to be discussed in 10/30 lecture)PAPER DUE: Thursday, Nov.8 (Response paper #1) Nov. 9 Acts of Resistance and Righteousness & Polish Victims • Film: Margarethe von Trotta, Rosenstrasse (to be discussed in 11/01 lecture) • Film: Claude Lanzmann's Shoah (to be discussed in 11/06 lecture) • Readings: CCLE Week 6 Nov. 16 Trials of Justice • Readings: CCLE Week 7- Play: The Investigation (to be discussed in 11/15 lecture) Nov. 23- NO CLASS PAPER DUE: Thursday, Nov.29 (Response paper #2) Nov. 30 (Group will meet survivor Yona Nadelmann at 10 am at Hillel- 574 Hilgard, across from Murphy Hall) Towards a Transgenerational Memory/ Search for Meaning • Novel: The Reader (discussed in 11/20 Lecture) • Novel: Maus I (discussed in 11/27 lecture) • Film: Ferenc Török’s 1945 (to be discussed in 11/27 lecture) • Film: Roberto Benigni, La Vita e Bella (to be discussed in 11/29 lecture) • Novel: Yona Nadelmann, All the Things I Never Told My Father (discussed in 11/30 lecture) • • Readings: CCLE Week 9 PAPER DUE: Thursday, Dec. 6 (Response paper #3) Dec. 7 Making Connections Over Time and Across Place • Readings: CCLE week 10 (to be discussed in 12/04 lecture) Dec. 14 Final

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