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PED 110 FINAL PROJECT – PART ONE: Personal Fitness Program (LAB 25C – Pages 485-492)Name: Lindsey Danielle Rose Date: 12/6/2018STEP 1: Establish Your Reasons – List several of your primary reasons for doing a comprehensive activity plan, along with evidence of the relevant factors showing a need for change.1. Increase in physical activity2. Weight loss3. Increase in cardiovascular workout4. reduction in stagnancy5. 6.STEP 2: Self-Assessments - Record your rating from for each test below. See page 485.Health-Related Fitness Tests1. Cardiovascular: 12-minute run – Good Fitness Zone2. Cardiovascular: step test -Good Fitness Zone3. Cardiovascular: bicycle test– Good Fitness Zone4. Cardiovascular: walking test– Good Fitness Zone5. Cardiovascular: swim test– Good Fitness Zone6. Flexibility: sit-and-reach test– Good Fitness Zone7. Flexibility: shoulder flexibility– Good Fitness Zone8. Flexibility: hamstring/hip flexibility– Good Fitness Zone9. Flexibility: trunk rotation– Good Fitness Zone10. Strength: isometric grip– Good Fitness Zone11. Strength: 1 RM upper body– Good Fitness Zone12. Strength: 1 RM lower body– Good Fitness Zone13. Muscular endurance: curl-up – Good Fitness Zone14. Muscular endurance: 90-degree-push-up– Good Fitness Zone15. Muscular endurance: flexed arm support– Good Fitness Zone16. Fitness rating: skinfold– Good Fitness Zone17. Body mass index– Good Fitness Zone18. Power– Good Fitness ZoneSkill-Related Fitness Tests1. Agility– Good Fitness Zone2. Balance– Good Fitness Zone3. Coordination– Good Fitness Zone4. Reaction Time– Good Fitness Zone5. Speed– Good Fitness Zone6. Fitness of the back– Good Fitness Zone7. Posture– Good Fitness ZoneRatings Summaries: Record your rating for each category.-Cardiovascular– Good Fitness Zone-Flexibility– Good Fitness Zone-Strength– Good Fitness Zone-Muscular Endurance– Good Fitness Zone-Body fatness– Good Fitness Zone-Power– Good Fitness Zone-Skill-related fitness– Good Fitness Zone-Posture and fitness of the back– Good Fitness ZonePhysical Activity Pyramid – Record the name of the stage that best represents your behavior foreach of the five types of activities in the pyramid listed on page 487.-Flexibility - Maintenance-Muscle Fitness Exercises- Maintenance-Vigorous Sports and Recreation- Maintenance-Vigorous Aerobics- Maintenance-Moderate Physical Activity- MaintenanceSTEP 3: Set Specific Goals – For each type of activity below, indicate the number of days and weeks you plan to accomplish each activity. Additionally, record the number of exercises or minutes of exercise for each planned activity.-Flexibility Exercises Days: 4 Weeks: 4 Number/Minutes: 15 mins -Muscle Fitness Exercises Days: 4 Weeks: 4 Number/Minutes: 25 mins-Vigorous Sports and Recreation Days: 4 Weeks: 4 Number/Minutes: 1.5 hours-Vigorous Aerobics Days: Weeks: Number/Minutes:-Moderate Physical Activity Days: 5 Weeks: 4 Number/Minutes: 3 hoursWrite specific physical fitness goals below indicating the part of fitness each goal is focused on and when you expect to accomplish the goal (in weeks).1. each week I would like to hit 10,000 steps 2. Improve my mile time for warmup3. Work on flexibility and improve my back movement4.STEP 4: Selecting Activities - Indicate the specific activities you plan to perform from each area of the physical activity pyramid. Record the length of time or the number of repetitions beside each activity.Chart 3 – Lifetime Physical Activity SelectionsLifestyle Activities Min./Day Aerobics Min./Day Sports/Recreation Min./DayActive Housework 20/ 4 Machines BasketballBicycling to work Bicycling BowlingGardening Calisthenics 20/4 GolfSocial dancing Dance KarateWalking Jogging/Walking Mtn. climbingWheeling in wheelchairSkating/Skiing RacquetballYardwork Swimming SkatingOther: Coaching 120/4 Water activity SoftballOther: Other: SkiingOther: Other: SoccerOther: 20/ 4 Other: VolleyballOther: Other: Other:Other: Other: Other:Other: Other: Other:Flexibility Exercises Reps/Sets Muscle Fitness Reps/Sets Back and Neck Reps/SetsCalf stretch 1/20 sec Bench press Back saver stretch 1/20 secHip/thigh stretch 1/20 sec Biceps curl 10/3 Knee to chest 1/20 secGroin stretch 1/20 sec Triceps curl Spine twist 1/20 secHamstring stretch 1/20 sec Lat. pull down Hip/thigh stretch 1/20 secBack stretch 1/20 sec Seated rowing Cobra/child’s pose 1/20 secTrunk twist 1/20 sec Wrist curl Bridge variation 1/20 secPectoral stretch 1/20 sec Knee ext. Superman 1/20 secArm hug stretch 1/20 sec Side leg raise Abdominal brace 1/20 secOther: Half-squat Neck rotation 1/20 secOther: Lunge Isometric neck 1/20 secOther: Push-up Chin tuck 1/20 secOther: Crunch Trapezius stretch 1/20 secOther: Plyometrics Other:Other: Other: Other:Other: Other: Other:STEP 5: Preparing a Written Plan – Place a check in the boxes indicating each activity you expect to perform for each day you will do it. Indicate the time of day you expect to perform the activity (Example: 7:30 to 8:00 AM). In the spaces labeled “Warm-Up Exercises” and “Cool-Down Exercises,” check the exercises you expect to perform. Indicate the number of reps you will use for each exercise.CHART 4 – My Physical Activity PlanMONDAY TIME TUESDAY TIME WEDNESDAY TIMEModerate activity10am-5pm Moderate activity10am-5pm Moderate activity10am-5pmAerobics Aerobics AerobicsSports/Rec. 330-530 Sports/Rec. 330-530 Sports/Rec. 330-530Flexibility 330-345 Flexibility 330-345 Flexibility 330-345Muscle Fitness Muscle Fit. Muscle Fit.Back/Neck 10am-5pm Back/Neck 10am-5pm Back/Neck 10am-5pmWarm-up Warm-up Warm-upOther: Other: Other:THURSDAY TIME FRIDAY TIME SATURDAY TIMEModerate 10am-5pm Moderate Moderate Aerobics Aerobics AerobicsSports/Rec. 330-530 Sports/Rec. Sports/Rec.Flexibility 330-345 Flexibility FlexibilityMuscle Fit. Muscle Fit. Muscle Fit.Back/Neck 10am-5pm Back/Neck Back/NeckWarm-up Warm-up Warm-upOther: Other: Other:SUNDAY TIME WARM-UP REPS COOL-DOWN REPSModerate Walk/Jog 10 mins Walk/Jog 10 minsAerobics Grapevine 1min Calf Stretch 1minSports/Rec. Knee stride 1min Hamstring 1minFlexibility Skip and reach1min Leg hug 1minMuscle Fit. Inchworm 1min Sit side str. 1minBack/Neck Calf stretch 1min Zipper 1minWarm-up Leg hug 1min Other:Other: Other: Other:STEP 6: Keeping Records of Progress and Evaluating Your Plan – Make copies of Chart 4 (one for each week you plan to keep records). Each day, make a check by the activities

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