CCCC MAT 172 - The Great Trigonometric Survey of India

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1Danielle Rose MAT 172 February 5, 2019The Great Trigonometric Survey of IndiaThe great trigonometric survey of India was a mapping initiative taken once British rule began in India after the Battle of Plassey in 1757, as told by The Hindustan Times. Essentially this massive undertaking expanded the footprint of British East India Company. The Survey General of India was established in 1767 and published their first map of the area of “Hindoostan” in 1783. The Survey General of India began the massive on taking of the great trigonometric survey of India in 1802. This laid a foundation for measuring the country in a scientific manner. “The exercise was started from St Thomas Mount, a small hillock in Chennai (then Madras), and extended till Mussorie. According to New Delhi paper publishing, this process that lasted for decades claimed the lives of so many Indian people, more so than World War I and II combined. Remarkably, Mt Everest's height was measured by the Survey General ofIndia, with the basic calculations done by mathematician and "chief computer" Radhanath Sikdar. At that time, the calculations were challenged by many in Europe as they believed the Alps were higher. However, Sikdar's calculations prevailed (The Hindustan Times).European Union News did a piece on Colonel Sir George Everest. He was a Welsh surveyor and geographer and Surveyor General of India between 1830 and 1843. He was the responsible party leading the completion of the Great Survey of India. Being such a perfectionist,“Everest was relentless in his pursuit of accuracy, making countless adaptations to surveying equipment, methods and mathematics in order to minimize problems specific to the survey”2(European Union News). Scientists later revisited the findings of Sir George and found that even hundreds of years ago, his accuracy was that within .09%, meaning that the data collected by the surveyors during this Great Trigonometric Survey of India was only off within a few feet. Considering the rudimentary equipment available to him during 1830-1843 when he oversaw theprocesses of the surveying, coupled with questionable terrain, and varying weather, this was an extraordinary achievement. It was fascinating learning of this survey process. From the countless deaths from malaria, typhoid and a handful of other diseases. Coupled with sun exposure and wild animals, this on taking of surveying the continent of India by the British East India Company was nearly impossible. Several decades it took to do so, but victory prevailed for mathematicians globally. The Survey General of India the institute that began it all, celebrates its 250th birthday last year. An institute that lasts longer than America has been a country, speaks volumes as to its credibility and clout.3Cited WorksMapping the country since 1767: Survey general of india completes 250 years today. (2017, Apr 10). The Hindustan Times Retrieved from"George Everest: Great Trigonometric Survey of India." European Union News 3 Nov. 2017. Business Insights: Global. Web. 5 Feb. 2019.

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CCCC MAT 172 - The Great Trigonometric Survey of India

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