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d) Patent/Copyright e) List one other symbol and explain its meaningThis symbol means that the product underwent irradiation. There was an application of ionizing radiation on food to reduce insect infestation or microbial contamination or to slow the ripening or sprouting process of foods. It is labeled with the Radura symbol. 5. Define the following terms (Mention the source) a) Low Calorie – It has 40 kcals or less per serving. b) Reduced Calorie – It has 25% fewer kcals per serving than the reference (or regular) food. c) Lite or light – It has 1/3 fewer kcals or half of the fat than the reference food. d) Low Fat – It has 3g or less of fat per serving. e) Reduced Fat – It has at least 25% less fat grams than reference food.1-3NTR 110SP6 © Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, University at Buffalo. All rights reserved. Spring 2020 f) Fat Free - It has Less than 0.5g fat per serving. g) Low Cholesterol – It has 20mg or less of cholesterol per serving and 2g or less of saturated fat per serving h) Low Sodium – It has 140mg or less of sodium per serving i) Sugarless or Sugar Free – It has less than 0.5g of sugar per serving j) High Fiber – It has 5g or more of fiber per serving. k) Enriched – It has replaced nutrients that were lost in milling or refining of grains (thiamin,riboflavin, niacin and iron). l) Fortified – It has extra added nutrients to foods where they would not be found naturally in consistently significant amounts (folate, iodine, calcium) Source: “A handbook on Nutrition Labelling” by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) 6. What is the HCS logo and indicate at least different HCS logos marketed for use in threeSingapore. Products with the HCS symbol are lower in fat/saturated fat/sugar and sodium and it is high in whole grains /dietary fibre and Calcium where applicable as compared to similar products. The first HCS logo variant is no added sugar which can be found in dried fruits, frozen/chilled fruits, fruits and vegetable juices. The second HCS logo variant is low glycemic index which can be found in whole-grain rice and wholemeal bread. The third HCS logo variant is lower in sugar which can be found in sweetened drinks, beverages, cultured milk and yoghurt.Source: HealthHub (Ministry of Health Singapore). https://www.healthhub.sg/live- 2/13/22, 6:42 PMPage 1 of

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UB NTR 110 - Lab 1 - Food Labels

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