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1 Olson Spring 2022 COMM 3372 (9381) Gender & Media COURSE MEETINGS 1:00 – 2:30 244 COMM TTH Office: 212 Comm Mailbox: 101 Comm Office hours: Mon. 10:00;Wed. 1:00 Telephone: 713 743-2881. UH email is a more efficient and preferred way to reach me. We can schedule a phone call or video conference if you’d prefer. [email protected] Please put the course name or number in the subject line of your email (please note I do not typically check email or Blackboard on the weekends)(please be sure you’ve spelled my last name correctly, especially if you don’t receive a reply; there are two Os in Olson). Office hours: Two virtual, optional office hours are scheduled each week: Mondays 10:00-10:50 and Wednesdays 1:00 -1:50. Individual meetings are allso available by appointment via phone, Facetime, Teams, or zoom meeting. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to introduce students to topics and issues concerning gender and media. Course content includes: 1) an introduction to content, research questions, and analyses 2) in five media areas: print, television, music, advertising, and film; 3) from historical and primarily current perspectives. LEARNING OUTCOMES: It is hoped that when students finish the course they will be able to 1) interpret the content, issues, and basic research questions in the field along with the tentative answers researchers offer to these questions; 2) evaluate the historical development of gender representation in media; and 3) compare and contrast with current trends in these areas. REQUIRED READING: - Course readings of journal articles and book chapters will be available on Blackboard and Top Hat. Some of the readings are from three books: Lont, Women and Media; Lewis Gender Politics and MTV (chapters 2-6); and LaFrance (2nd ed.). Men, media & masculinity (textbook and workbook). Kendall/Hunt. You do not need to purchase – chapters are uploaded to Blackboard. - REQUIRED WEBSITE: www.uh.edu/blackboard and Top Hat. Please note you will need to use your Cougarnet ID and password to login to Blackboard. In addition, journal articles and quizzes will be found on Top Hat webpage. Join code is provided below. There is a charge if you’re not already subscribed to it in addition to a fee for this semester. Please know it’s not quite ready yet (roster hasn’t been uploaded); quizzes won’t start until Week 2.. You will also need your Cougarnet ID and password to access journal articles within Top Hat when linked to the UH library data base. We will be using the Top Hat (www.tophat.com) student tool for class participation and assessment of learning (quizzes). You will be able to submit answers to in-class questions using Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, laptops, or through text message.2 You can visit the Top Hat Overview (https://success.tophat.com/s/article/Student-Top-Hat-Overview-and-Getting-Started-Guide) within the Top Hat Success Center which outlines how you will register for a Top Hat account and provides a brief overview to get you up and running on the system. An email invitation has been sent to your email, but if you don’t receive this email, you can register by simply visiting our course website: https://app.tophat.com/e/633258 Note: our Course Join Code is: 633258 The pricing options for Top Hat (used in unlimited courses) are: • One Semester Price: $30.00 • One Year Price: $48.00 • Lifetime (4 years) Price: $94.00 Should you require assistance with Top Hat at any time, due to the fact that they require specific user information to troubleshoot these issues, please contact their Support Team directly by way of email ([email protected]), the in-app support button, or by calling 1-888-663-5491." COURSE POLICIES AND REQUIREMENTS: UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Required Language for Courses with a Face-to Face Component Face Covering Policy To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the University strongly encourages everyone (vaccinated or not) to wear face coverings indoors on campus including classrooms for both faculty and students. Presence in Class Your presence in class each session means that you: o Are NOT exhibiting any Coronavirus Symptoms that makes you think that you may have COVID-19 o Have NOT tested positive or been diagnosed for COVID-19 o Have NOT knowingly been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or suspected/presumed COVID-19 If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms that are not clearly related to a pre-existing medical condition, do not come to class. Please see Student Protocols for what to do if you experience symptoms and Potential Exposure to Coronavirus for what to do if you have potentially been exposed to COVID-19. Consult the Undergraduate Excused Absence Policy for information regarding excused absences due to medical reasons. COVID-19 Information. Students are encouraged to visit the University’s COVID-19 website for important information including on-campus testing, vaccines, diagnosis and symptom protocols, campus cleaning and safety practices, report forms, and positive cases on campus. Please check the website throughout the semester for updates.3 Vaccinations. Data suggests that vaccination remains the best intervention for reliable protection against COVID-19. Students are asked to familiarize themselves with pertinent vaccine information, consult with their health care provider. The University strongly encourages all students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated. Reasonable Academic Adjustments/Auxiliary Aids. The University of Houston complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, pertaining to the provision of reasonable academic adjustments/auxiliary aids for disabled students. In accordance with Section 504 and ADA guidelines, UH strives to provide reasonable academic adjustments/auxiliary aids to students who request and require them. If you believe that you have a disability requiring an academic adjustments/auxiliary aid, please contact the Justin Dart Jr. Student Accessibility Center (formerly the Justin Dart, Jr. Center for Students with DisABILITIES). Excused Absence Policy. Regular class attendance, participation, and engagement in coursework are important contributors to student success. Absences may be excused as provided in the University of Houston Undergraduate Excused Absence Policy for reasons including: medical illness of student or close relative, death of a

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