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GLY 1101L: The History of Life LaboratorySpring 2019 SyllabusInstructor: Maria Sider Email: [email protected] Office: PC 324BRoom: PC 448 (Charles Perry Building at Modesto Maidique Campus)Class: Section U04, Wednesdays 12:30 PM - 3:15 PMCanvas website: http://canvas.fiu.eduOffice hours are by appointment and may be arranged via email. Please, if you need assistance do not hesitate to meet with me as soon as possible. Please allow time for a response and please expect emails received after 8pm to be answered the following day.Recommended Texts:Life of the Past (4th edition), by W.I. Ausich and N.G. Lane (1999)(Required for the lecture course, can be used to supplement explanations in the handouts)Materials: With the exception of the first lab, students are required to print lab exercise handouts from Canvas prior to the beginning of each class. Students are not permitted to attend class without their printed lab exercise handout, no exceptions. A ruler and calculator may be useful. Cellular phones, tablets, and computers cannot be used during exams. Calculators cannot be shared during exams.Lab Objective: This course is an introduction to the interactions of biological and geological principles and processes, history and ecology of past life, and major events such as the marine invasion of land, mass extinctions, and the Ice Age. The lab complements the lecture course GLY 1101: The History of Life, but may include separate information from what is taught in the lecture course. Students will receive hands-on experience with fossils and other biological specimens to understand the interacting biological and geological principles and processes that shape(d) life on Earth.This study source was downloaded by 100000773936087 from on 02-22-2022 09:54:09 GMT -06:00 final grade will be calculated as a percentage based on earned points out of total points possible.-Labs Exercises (10): 10 points each/100 points total-Midterm Exam: 50 points-Final Exam: 75 points-Total: 225 points possibleGrading scale: A = 93-100, A- = 90-92, B+ = 87-89, B = 83-86, B- = 80-82, C+ = 77-79, C =70-76, D = 60-69, F = fewer than 60 %.Laboratory Rules and Regulations:-Labs start on time and attendance is mandatory. Points will be deducted from your lab exercise for every 30 minutes you are tardy. Be on time.-Lab exercises and exams are completed during the scheduled lab time. There are no makeup labs or exams. If you have a medical emergency or a serious family problemarrangements will be possible with verification in the form of an official document. If you know you will be absent during a lab session, with advance notice it may be possible to arrange for you to attend another lab section.-In keeping with university policy, accommodations for students who wish to observe their religious holidays will try to be made. Students should make these requests known during the first week of the semester.-Cheating and any other kind of misconduct is unacceptable and will be reported to university officials. See the university Student Handbook regarding FIU policies. Failure to adhere to these policies could result in dismissal from the class and possiblythe course and university.-You are responsible for cleaning up the lab and any mess you make.-With the exception of water, no food or drinks in the laboratory; cellular phones must be turned off during lab. Points will be deducted from your lab exercise for cellular phone usage.The syllabus may be subject to change due to unscheduled events such as emergency university closings. Please consult the syllabus on Canvas for the latest version.This study source was downloaded by 100000773936087 from on 02-22-2022 09:54:09 GMT -06:00 COURSE OUTLINE: MATERIAL COVEREDWeek 1: Jan. 9INTRO and LAB 1Course overview, handling fossils and zoologicalspecimensPrinciples of Classifying Biodiversity, and Preservation ofFossils(Covers Chapter 2: pages 19-32, Chapter 3: pages 33-46)Week 2: Jan. 16LAB 2Invertebrates of the Paleozoic Era(Covers Chapter 9: pages 121-132, Chapter 10: pages 133-151,Chapter 11: pages 162-178, Chapter 12: pages 179-192)Week 3: Jan. 23LAB 3Invertebrates of the Mesozoic Era(Covers Chapter 10: pages 152-161, Chapter 11: pages 162-178,Chapter 12: pages 179-192)Week 4: Jan. 30LAB 4Invertebrates of the Cenozoic Era(Covers Chapter 10: pages 152-161, Chapter 11: pages 162-178,Chapter 12: pages 179-192)Week 5: Feb. 6LAB 5No Class Week 6: Feb. 13STUDY!Telling Time: Principles of Stratigraphy(Covers Chapter 1: pages 6-12, Chapter 3: pages 47-51)Midterm ReviewWeek 7: Feb. 20Midterm ExamMidterm Exam(Covers Labs 1-5)Week 8: Feb. 27LAB 6Genetic Expression and Frequencies(Covers Chapter 3: pages 33-46, Chapter 5: pages 63-67)Week 9: Mar. 6LAB 7No Class Week 10: Mar.13Spring Break!Morphologic Variation and Evolution(Covers Chapter 5: pages 66-75)Week 11: Mar. 20LAB 8Dinosaurs, Mammals, and Hominoids(Covers Chapter 13: pages 198-204, Chapter 15: pages 233-258,Chapter 16: pages 259-280, Chapter 17: pages 281-291)Week 12: Mar. 27LAB 9Paleoenvironments, Paleoecology, and Preservation(Covers Chapter 3: pages 46-47 & 51-54)Week 13: Apr. 3 Plants and PaleoclimatesThis study source was downloaded by 100000773936087 from on 02-22-2022 09:54:09 GMT -06:00 10 No Class Week 14: Apr. 10STUDY!(Covers Chapter 13: pages 193-198, Chapter 14: pages 205-232)Final Exam ReviewWeek 15: Apr. 17FINAL EXAM Cumulative Final Exam: Covers ALL LABSThis study source was downloaded by 100000773936087 from on 02-22-2022 09:54:09 GMT -06:00 by TCPDF

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