SJSU EE 289 - Accessing the E289/E291 labs remotely

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Accessing the E289/E291 labs remotelyIn the past, all E289 and E291 labs were on the internet. The ssh and VNC port were exposed to the internet at large. There were serveral thousand attempts per day to break into the lab from outside the University. The machines have been removed from external access. (Or will be soon). SJSU has a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This allows external users a secure connection to the labs, and prevents anyone without a valid SJSUOne ID from accessing the labs. All future remote connections will be made through the VPNThere are three steps to access the E289/E291 labs remotely.First, access the following web page, and download and install the software appropriate to your system several users have reported that the MAC and Linux already have Cisco VPN supportSecond, access the VPN on your system. You will need to enter your SJSUOne user id (9 digit number). And your SJSUOne password.This gives access to the lab network. This will run all network requests through the VPN to the lab network. You may experience slower web browsing while using the VPN.Third, access a lab machine using either ssh, or remote desktop. Remote desktop is a software package includedin most windows systems. It can be installed on MAC and Linux systems. (On fedora Linux, it is called rdesktop)You can access any machine from 1 to 25, and 27 to 50. Each machine allows only 3 remote sessions at a time. If a machine doesn’t accept you, try a different machine number.The machine names are coe-ee-cadxx.sjsuad.sjsu.eduWhere xx represents a number from 1 to 25, and 27 to 50. Note that 1-9 are a single digit, and do not have a leading zero.You will have to log in again to Remote Desktop using your SJSUOne user id and SJSUOne password.It is important you log out each time. If you don’t log out, tokens are left behind in .vnc that will prevent you from getting in again. You can remove these by getting rid of all the ~/.vnc/ses* files.Remember you must back up your files. The system makes no user backups. All user files are removed after the last day of instruction (may be before

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SJSU EE 289 - Accessing the E289/E291 labs remotely

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