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Lecture study guide 2https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1wsgyo8LFB8o31OwhCmVLZYDJe8rFYBrI9gR3Xl7jTH4/edit?usp=sharing Visual learner? Click the linkWhere does photosynthesis occur in most trees?The leaves.Where does the petiole rest on most trees.It is the bridge from the branch to the leaf.Flattened leaves do what?They maximize the ability to do more photosynthesisWhat are stipules?Outgrowths at the base of the petiole, may be leaf forming ot modified as spine.Parallel veins are found in -------------- and web veins are found in----------------, monocot, dicotWhat do petioles attach to?branchesDifferentiate between compound and simple leaves.Compound leaves attach to central stem and petiole doesn’t extend off, a compound leaf is many leafs with many leaflets.Entire leaf- surface is covered by------------- cells, and it has a waxy --------------.The cuticle is a waxy layer made of ------------cells, and the underside of leaves have stomata.epidermal ,cuticle, cutinPlants take ---- in an let out -----Co2, o2sometimes ------------ happens when water is pulled out of the plant .evapotranspirationWhere does photosynthesis take place?Mesophyll, which is a modified parenchymatwoish rows, of tightly shaped column cells. It is on the light side of the leaf. THey are tightly packed and loaded with chloroplasts. They have a lot of light filtering so they must be tightly knit.Palisade mesophyllis loosely packed and gases can move freely around, typically true of dicots, dicots tend to be more complex.Spongy mesophyllGive an example of a modified leaf.Cactus spinesWhat side of the leaf is there more palisade mesophyll on.Sun side, this is because the tighter knit mesophyll prevents evapotranspiration.What side of the leaf is there more spongy mesophyll on and why?Shade side, this is because the shade side of the leaf is less likely to have evapotranspiration occur, meaning it is a better vessel for the exchange of gases.What resists temp change more, water or air.Water, that is why it is a good substrate to live in.Explain how constancy of water makes it an ideal environment for life and how lack of water could be a possible problem.Because water temperature changes aren’t extreme, it provides protection against the sun, and it also allows for dispersal of spores easier.Gametes dry out outside of water and cannot move, what structure allowed for plants to move outside of water, and what are their functionsXylem and phloem, and rhizoids. They provide water and nutrients, and also allow for anchorage.Gametes, zygotes, and embryos are hypersensitive, what reproductive part of the plant body is resilient.Spores, they are tough.Why are males genetically cheaper to produce?They are much smaller, and easier to make.What is the limiting factor in the reproduction of plants?Female gametes.What is the plant life cycle likeThere is the gametophyte stage which produces gametes, and the gametes produce sporophytes, then the sporophytes produce spores which develop into gametes.Gametophytes create -------- which create -------------- which create--------- which create gametophytesThere is the gametophyte stage which produces gametes, and the gametes produce sporophytes, then the sporophytes produce spores which develop into gametes.The sporophyte is in a ---------- stage whereas the gametophyte is in a ---------------- stage.Diploid ( which means it is 2n), haploid (which is 1n)Describe the following aspect of the algae life cycle.1. Is the sporophyte body or the gametophyte body what is often seen.2. Is the haploid or diploid stage longer?3. How does the algae sperm disperse to the female reproductive system.4. Draw a diagram1. The gametophyte body is often what is seen.2. The haploid cell because the gametophyte is the dominant part of the algaes life.3. It disperses through water!4. :What is the oogonium and what is the structure and function of it.Oogonium is the female gamete of Chara, it’s function is to develop into a sporophyte, and it’s structure is five crownlike protrusions.Why is it so impertinent for land plants to be able to develop mechanisms to aid in dispersal of spores if they need water to move their sperm anyways.They need it to disperse spores because they rely on water to move sperm to the female gametes;however, they require air to move the spores so they do not inbreed.Describe the 5 steps in the cycle of moss.IS the gametophyte bigger in mosses, or the sporophytes.The gametophyte, it is the photosynthetic green structure.Does the gametophyte go through mitosis or meiosis> What about the sporophyte.The gametophyte body goes through mitosis, the gametes produced by gametophytes go through mitosis, however when they are fertilized, they become a sporophyte which undergoes mitosis, and then they divide into spores which are haploid , when spores land they become gametophytes which undergo mitosis.Explain why the dispersal of spores is such an effective way to spread a species.It is effective because it is able to move further than just floating on top of water.Explain why it is not effective and can sometimes not work.Sometimes the wind does not blow, and sometimes they can inbreed, and they might not go very far.Describe the similarity between, the bryophytes and the lycophytes and horsetails in the way they reproduce.They are all dependent on water for fertilization.Can sporophytes live free of the gametophyte?In some plants, the earlier clades of non-vasccular land plants rely on the gametophyte body to be photosynthetic and support the sporophyte body;however, in the later clades the sporophyte body is the larger structure and dependent of the gametophyte body.Describe the processes of a fern life cycle and provide a picture.Now why is spore production a bit more difficult than seed dispersal?Spores require wind, Seed dispersal happens much easier due to pollinators, and pollen.How does the elimination of water in the process of reproduction beneficial to plants.They can rely on the wind and other pollinators/ substrates in order to fertilize, like bees.What is a pollen grain?A pollen grain is a protective structure that encases the pollen inside.Explain how pollen is an evolutionary step for the dispersal of more plants.Pollen can stick to fur, blow in the wind, it can float, etc.Is the gametophyte or sporophyte bigger on pollen producing plants?The sporophyte.What is the life cycle of a gymno and angiosperm and draw a diagram.The actual embryo is encased in a

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