HARVARD ENGLISH 101 - Writing is a Sandwich from Steeleville Dairy Queen

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Last name 1First name Last nameMrs. MohrEnglish 101August 27, 2015Writing is a Sandwich from Steeleville Dairy QueenSometimes there are people who are good writers naturally. When they read I know it’s much better than my own writing. It makes me wish I could put my thoughts and feelings onto paper. Their writing may not be deep but it has always been better than my own. If I could put my feelings on paper, I feel as if I would have some good stories to tell.I either know what I want to say, or have no idea what I’m even talking about. I should just let it free and come out on the paper, but that is not as easy as it seems. I shouldn’t control it I should just say it. I can always alter it when I’m done. I have so much I would love to write about with my experiences and feelings but my hand is not a vehicle taking my thoughts from my head to the paper.I need to release everything when I write, and just be simple in the beginning with simple words to express the jumble of thoughts inside. We should allow ourselves to be awkward. Let go of my pride and bring out those raw feelings. To not show how I want to be seen, but who I really am as a person. Because of this I think everyone can be a good writer, including myself, if I could just let it all go and show my weak side in my writing- not only how I appear to be.When I am annoyed, happy, or upset, I know those are feelings. I know my feelings will change at some point in time. They make a strong energy to find a place in the world.Last name 2When I say writing shouldn’t be controlled, that I don’t mean that there shouldn’t be a topic. Whether it’s something I feel I need to say, or a topic assigned to write about, I can still say anything I choose as long as I let loose. I need to write about it with my mind—with my heart and my whole body. I need to bring out my inner being, and strip myself of my pride. There, I will find my voice.People always say things about having a poem in their head and when they sit down to write it, the words won’t come out. I myself am one of those people. When I was doing whatever I was doing, I let my mind wander. I can’t force out what I want to say. When it’s ready to come out, itwill. All I have to do is let my mind be free.When writing, I just need to take it slow, and let myself write for a while. It’s not going to be perfect the first time, it rarely is. Writing takes a long time to make something good. It can take alifetime and a lot of practice. When writing, we like to think that we are achieving something and we are doing something useful and good. That is the attitude we should have, because I believe all writing achieves something and it completes us.When writing, I start at something small, maybe eventually it will work itself up to be somethinggreater. I shouldn’t force my writing into something it’s not. I have to trust myself. Don’t worryabout what people will think about it, or what kind of words are used. Don’t worry about anything. Writing is a sandwich from Steeleville Dairy Queen. No matter type of writing you’re trying to write, or sandwich you’re trying to make, it’s never made the same as last

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HARVARD ENGLISH 101 - Writing is a Sandwich from Steeleville Dairy Queen

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