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Reflection of Light 17 O I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Assignment Reflection of light at plane surface BBaassiicc LLeevveell 1 A light bulb is placed between two mirrors plane inclined at an angle of 60o Number of images formed are NCERT 1980 CPMT 1996 97 SCRA 1994 AIIMS 1997 RPMT 1999 AIEEE 2002 Orissa JEE 2003 MP PET 2004 a 2 b 4 c 5 d 6 Two plane mirrors are inclined at an angle of will be The number of images of a point object placed between them KCET Engg Med 1999 BCECE 2003 a 2 b 3 c 4 d 5 To get three images of a single object one should have two plane mirrors at an angle of a b c d A man of length h requires a mirror of length at least equal to to see his own complete image a b c d h AIEEE 2003 MP PET 2003 Two plane mirrors are at 45o to each other If an object is placed between them then the number of images will be MP PMT 2003 b 9 a 5 An object is at a distance of 0 5 m in front of a plane mirror Distance between the object and image is a 0 5 m A man runs towards a mirror at a speed 15 m s The speed of the image relative to the man is RPMT 1999 Kerala PET 2002 c 0 25 m d 1 5 m b 1 m d 8 c 7 CPMT 2002 b 30 a 15 The light reflected by a plane mirror may form a real image c 35 d 20 KCET Engg Med 2002 a If the rays incident on the mirror are diverging b If the rays incident on the mirror are converging c If the object is placed very close to the mirror d Under no circumstances A man is 180 cm tall and his eyes are 10 cm below the top of his head In order to see his entire height right from toe to head he uses a plane mirror kept at a distance of 1 m from him The minimum length of the plane mirror required is MP PMT 1993 DPMT 2001 a 180 cm b 90 cm c 85 cm d 170 cm 10 A small object is placed 10 cm infront of a plane mirror If you stand behind the object 30 cm from the object and look at its image the distance focused for your eye will be KCET Engg 2001 a 60 cm b 20 cm c 40 cm d 80 cm 11 Two plane mirrors are at right angles to each other A man stands between them and combs his hair with his right hand In how many of the images will he be seen using his right hand MP PMT 1995 UPSEAT 2001 a None b 1 c 2 d 3 12 A man runs towards mirror at a speed of 15 m s What is the speed of his image CBSE PMT 2000 o72o30o60o90o1204h3h2h1 ms1 ms1 ms1 ms 18 Reflection of Light a 7 5 m s b 15 m s c 30 m s d 45 m s 13 A ray of light is incidenting normally on a plane mirror The angle of reflection will be MP PET 2000 14 A plane mirror produces a magnification of a 0o a 1 b 90o b 1 c Will not be reflected d None of these c Zero MP PMT PET 1997 d Between 0 and 15 When a plane mirror is rotated through an angle then the reflected ray turns through the angle 2 then the MP PAT 1996 size of the image a Is doubled b Is halved c Remains the same d Becomes infinite 16 What should be the angle between two plane mirrors so that whatever be the angle of incidence the incident ray and the reflected ray from the two mirrors be parallel to each other KCET 1994 SCRA 1994 a 60o b 90o c 120o d 175o 17 Ray optics is valid when characteristic dimensions are CBSE PMT 1994 a Of the same order as the wavelength of light b Much smaller than the wavelength of light c Of the order of one millimeter wavelength of light d Much larger than the 18 It is desired to photograph the image of an object placed at a distance of 3 m from the plane mirror The camera which is at a distance of 4 5 m from the mirror should be focussed for a distance of NCERT 1971 a 3 m b 4 5 m c 6 m d 7 5 m 19 Two plane mirrors are parallel to each other an spaced 20 cm apart An object is kept in between them at 15 cm from A Out of the following at which point an image is not formed in mirror A distance measured from mirror A a 15 cm b 25 cm c 45 cm d 55 cm AAddvvaannccee LLeevveell 20 Two plane mirrors A and B are aligned parallel to each other as shown in the figure A light ray is incident at an angle of 30o at a point just inside one end of A The plane of incidence coincides with the plane of the figure The maximum number of times the ray undergoes reflections including the first one before it emerges out is IIT JEE Screening 2002 0 2m B 30o A d B L 2L A 21 A point source of light B is placed at a distance L in front of the centre of a mirror of width d hung vertically on a wall A man walks in front of the mirror along a line parallel to the mirror at a distance 2L from it as shown The greatest distance over which he can see the image of the light source in the mirror is IIT JEE Screening 2000 22 The figure shows two rays A and B being reflected by a mirror and going as A and B The mirror is a 28 b 30 c 32 d 34 a d 2 b d c 2d d 3d m32 Reflection of Light 19 A B A B 23 An object is initially at a distance of 100 cm from a plane mirror If the mirror approaches the object at a speed of 5 cm s then after 6 s the distance between the object and its image will be a 60 cm b 140 cm c 170 cm d 150 cm 24 An object placed in front of a plane mirror is displaced by 0 4 m along a straight line at an angle of 30o to mirror plane The change in the distance between the object and its image is a 0 20 m b 0 40 m c 0 25 m d 0 80 m 25 A ray of light travels from A to B with uniform speed On its way it is reflected by the surface XX The path followed by the ray to take least time is A B 26 A point …

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