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Prompt 1Diversity is the way we view the world, as well as each other. I believe that diversity is animportant part of our lives because it opens new doorways for us to learn. You will meet newfriends and different lifestyles because of the diversity of our society. I have experienceddiversity in the world, especially when I came to Penn State because I met many new peoplearound the world and learned the ways they were raised and how they lived their lifestyles.Prompt 2For this prompt, I chose the film White Like Me. In this film, the theme covers whiteprivilege as they explore racism. This film covers how middle class Americans look at society asa race-based entitlement. White privilege is spoken upon numerous times in this film and how itshapes individuals, as well as their attitudes. This film was created to show how white people areadapted into this culture because of the society that they are surrounded by.The narrative of this film can be changed by our national racial narrative to keep movingforward together. The past is the past, and people are different in today’s society, and the pastshouldn’t be forgotten about, but not treated like it’s still part of life. There is still anger withwhite privilege civilians. I believe that we need to move on from the past, and move together as acountry. We need an America that is ready to do justice for everyone.Prompt 3For this example I will choose the Penn state football team. Penn State football is veryaccepting of different races and ethnicities. We have numerous players on the team who aredifferent colors and race. All the players get along with each other and are very accepting of allraces. The male gender is the only gender accepted in this sport because it is a male sport. Theonly better way we can improve race is by having more diversity on the team and playersbecoming invested in the lives of those who are new. But all in all, Penn State is very acceptingof race and

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PSU ENGL 015A - Writing Assignment #2

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