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The major that I plan on majoring in and graduating with is finance The reason I chose this major is because I feel it is best suited for me I want to be able to guide corporations agencies and other firms that are dealing with financial struggles For the past couple years I ve been very interested in stocks and researching trying to teach myself the basics of stocks Although I haven t been the most successful at buying and selling stocks I still am extremely interested in them and hope to continue to learn One specific course I am interested in taking is FIN 301 I am interested in taking this course because this class is a resemblance of my major This class will introduce me to exactly what I ll be dealing with in the workplace after I graduate from college The course title for this class is corporation finance This course provides a basic understanding and framework of how firms acquire allocate and control their financial resources This is a core finance course that focuses on the basic financial principles and practices essential to managing a business This course also covers financial markets institutions organizational forms and investments It relies heavily on accounting and economic principles with a strong emphasis on problem solving and decision making One objective of this course is to be able to assess the past and present performance of the firm The second specific course I am interested in taking is MGMT 301 This class exposes all the undergraduate students to the fundamental principles and basic concepts of management with emphasis on organizational design management processes leadership motivation and managing teams and individuals in a global business environment This course teaches students how managers plan organize lead and control a company I am interested in taking this class because I believe that learning how to manage and become a manager leader will be a skill that is useful for me if I want to work for a finance firm or own my own company The third course that I am interested in is ACCTG 211 I am interested in taking this class because you will learn about financial and managerial accounting for decision making This course is an introduction to the role of accounting numbers in the process of managing a business and in investor decision making This course will provide me with the understanding about the basics of the accounting function how information in accounting reports is used I am interested in taking this course because being a finance major as well as having a background in accounting will create a huge marketing window for me whenever I am searching for a job Also having another understanding of business will only benefit me My career goals are to either work for a successful firm or own and run my own company Having a degree in business more specifically finance not only prepares me to be more successful when running a business but it also will benefit me by meeting people and networking When I graduate from college I will have an understanding of how to properly manage and finance a business Communication skills are a must need when it comes to business so the experience of networking will not be much of a worry In the end a degree in finance looks very good on your resume and is needed almost everywhere

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PSU ENGL 015 - Writing Assignment #1-2

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