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Anh NguyenDr. RichardsEN 099-0918 Sept. 2018Favorite foodAs a food-lover, there are a myriad dishes that I fall in love with. In those “guilty pleasure”, I choose fried chicken as my favorite, specifically, Korean fried chicken with hot sweet sauce. To be honest, I could take it every day if I was not on diet. This dish is different from the regular where we can obtain in KFC, Mc Donald, etc. In the process, they cut chicken into small pieces and coat in flour or batter then dip fried until it is golden brown. The most prime element that plays the significant role to the dish is the sauce, which is made of Korean chili paste, sugar, vinegar, sesame oil, etc. It has juicy interior and crispy exterior, which makes up a perfect combination of good taste, Moreover, the sweetness and spiciness stimulates our appetite that makes us want more. I usually eat Korean fried chicken once a week at my favorite restaurant in Vietnam: Don Chicken, Ssal Chicken, BoomDak, etc. To end up, this is the dish that I feel craving for these days.Anh, this dish sounds amazing. I liked the content of this paragraph, but there are some consistent errors that I noticed in your paper that you need to work on correcting this semester. First, you continuously use “etc.” in your papers, but the reader does not know what “etc.” is exactly. For a reader, you need to give as many details as possible instead of just listing two or three and then writing “etc.” afterward. For the first “etc.” you could substitute “and other American restaurants that serve chicken.” For the next “etc.” you could substitute “and other ingredients.” For the last “etc.” you could substitute “and other Korean restaurants.” Second, your topic sentence also needs to be focused on the main idea of this paragraph.Grade at the moment:

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UNA EN 099 - Favorite Food

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