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Anh NguyenDr. FitzsimmonsPHL250-I0124 August 2020Assignment 1Look over Case 1.1 in the Shaw textbook. What is your position on dumping (exporting dangerous or banned items to other countries), and what principles and values do you base it on? (Essay should be at least 300 words).Dumping is a method used in business to lower the sales price below the original cost, which is sold in a domestic market, which negatively affects the other nation’s competition. According to Case 1.1 in the Shaw textbook, the products are claimed to be harmful to consumers’ health when it was banned in the United States have been dumped in other nations such as Brazil, Africa, and Iraq. In terms of ethical aspects, exporting dangerous items to other countries is unethical since the products were indicated as harmful items to people. For instance, the fire-retardant children’s pajamas were banned in the United States market due to the kidney caused cancer in children. However, those were imported in overseas markets months later with only 10 to 30 percent in comparison to the original wholesale price. Dumping legally regulates under the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules by which those overseas markets could point out the down-side effects to the exporting company has made on its domestic sellers. Moreover, other than the fire-retardant fabrics, baby pacifiers caused choking deaths as well as the number of deceases of 400 Iraqis and 5000 people who ate wheat or barley that were fertilized with the U.S banned organic mercury fungicide. Still, there were several other pieces of evidence of thedamages of dumping to people such as intrauterine devices and pesticides. Dumping is not ethical to refer to moral standards. On the other hand, dumping still has its pros because of the opportunity that creates more jobs and work for people. The sellers could get rid of their items out of the warehouses and somehow avoid financial loss. Whereas the imported firms could earn a profit under a self-interest, and it could be considered to be moral to the employees. However, the influence of dumping has returned to the United States following by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that 10 percent of U.S. imported food is polluted with the remaining of banned pesticides that they had exported to other countries previously. Overall, dumping dangerous or banned items is not moral principles. It could be ethical to some extent mentioned above, but most harmful to people's

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UNA PHL 201 - Assignment 1

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