Purdue BUFW E5500 - Customer Management Relationship Plan

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CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT RELATIONSHIP PLAN 1MT450M5-5:Create a Customer Relationship Management PlanPurdue Global University.GEL-8.03:Apply Critical thinking to formulate a logical solution to a problem.Customer Management Relationship PlanSynopsis of the ProblemsInternational Waters Inc. (IW) is an organization that offers spa and relaxation services toclients. The organization’s mission is to provide stress-free accommodation for guests to enhancethe relaxation and recuperation. However, after being in business for two years, International Waters Inc. has suffered a major setback. Customers complain that the organization does not offer satisfactory services. Further, the organization’s CSR database and customer surveys also show that the firm does not establish long-term relationships with customers. As a result of the poor customer service and relationship, few customers return, underscoring the need to overhaul the customer service structure. International Waters Inc. should improve its customer service andrelationship by training employees on politeness and customer focus. Employees should understand that customers are the primary stakeholders and a dwindling number of clients resultsin a proportionate decline in profitability and an imminent collapse of the business. Therefore, establishing a good rapport with customers should be a prerogative of International Waters Inc.’smanagement.SMART GoalsSMART goals imply they should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (Bjerke & Renger, 2017). The SMART goals for International Waters Inc. include the following.CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT RELATIONSHIP PLAN 2- Develop new customer service policies- Develop training programs for employees- Establish a customer-focused organizational cultureThe first SMART goal should be a priority for International Waters Inc.’s management. The management should develop policies that impel all employees to be kind and polite to customers. The policies should also impel employees to establish a good rapport with customers to encourage them to return. The policies should include punitive measures for employees who are rude and unkind to customers to act as a deterrent. The management should also develop strategies to achieve the objectives within one year.The second SMART goal implies that International Waters Inc.’s management should establish training programs to educate and sensitize employees about the need for exemplary customer service. The training programs should also include the benefits of good customer relations, such as brand loyalty, development of employees’ career and socialization, and enhanced organizational profitability and competitive edge.The third SMART goal suggests that International Waters Inc.’s management should create an organizational culture that integrates ethical and moral values that are vital for enhancing exemplary customer service.Alignment of Mission to Market/BrandingInternational Waters Inc.’s mission statement aligns with its marketing and branding strategy in the following ways. First, the organization aims to provide a stress-free and relaxedCUSTOMER MANAGEMENT RELATIONSHIP PLAN 3stay for guests. Based on its mission, the marketing strategy of International Waters Inc. includesthe adoption of social media and print media, such as magazine ads (Li, Larimo & Leonidou, 2021). According to customer surveys, social media is the most popular platform for International Waters Inc. to advertise its services. Therefore, the organization should increase budgetary allocations towards improving its social media interaction with customers, address customer issues promptly, and respond to customer queries in real-time. Such interventions will improve International Waters Inc.’s brand and enhance customer loyalty, which will translate to higher profitability, expansion, and sustainability of the business.Training of StaffInternational Waters Inc. should train its staff to inculcate customer service skills, such aslistening, creativity, effective communication, and prompt resolution of issues (Shen & Tang, 2018). The training programs should be periodic and should include regular evaluations to assessthe effectiveness of the plans and develop interventions to improve the sustainability of the training programs.Awareness of Brand CreatedInternational Waters Inc. has created an awareness of its brand by marketing and advertising on social media platforms and magazine ads. Social media is the most popular marketing and brand creation platform because it is convenient, reliable, cost-effective, and allows real-time interaction among users (Li, Larimo & Leonidou, 2021). However, the business should also focus on creating brand awareness by friends and family, which is unpopular based on customer surveys.CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT RELATIONSHIP PLAN 4Opportunity to test BrandInternational Waters Inc. should test the popularity of its brand by conducting periodic customer surveys. The business should also provide questionnaires and conduct interviews with customers to ascertain the popularity of its brand. =Customer Touch Points and how AddressedAccording to customer surveys, customer #258 inquired how they might improve their stay at the hotel. The response was rude, implying that the hotel had screens and monitors everywhere. Customer #276 claimed that the concierge hangs up when called, and she offers fewoptions for dinner but does not say that she will book a reservation for the customer. Customer #284 claims that the tennis shop manager did not allow them to borrow a tennis racket but shouldpurchase one. Customer #297 said that they felt alone at the hotel because there was nobody to offer assistance. Such unimpressive responses from customers is an indictment on International Waters Inc.’s improving its customer relations strategies by training employees to assist customers at the hotel, use polite language during phone conservations, and address all customer complaints conclusively (Shen, J., & Tang, 2018).Promotion of IW to Create Brand LoyaltyInternational Waters Inc. should use promotional methods, such as social media, magazine ads, and personal selling. The organization should focus on personal selling among family and friends to improve its brand loyalty and popularity.Creating Value for Returning CustomersCUSTOMER MANAGEMENT RELATIONSHIP PLAN 5International Waters Inc. should create value for returning customers by offering satisfactory

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Purdue BUFW E5500 - Customer Management Relationship Plan

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