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CJS 217 – Exam IIDate of Exam: 3/24/2022 ONLINE- Same point value as the first Exam*The format for exam II will be the exact same as exam one. There will be multiple choice questions about the different readings and lectures for this portion of the course over juvenile justice, zero tolerance and mental health topics from the class reading and lectures, each of the different lectures including mass killings, gun control, and questions from the book Columbine. You should definitely do the readings and review in detail the lecture notes when preparing for the exam. “Getting Tough & the Adultification of Juvenile Justice”1. What is a little bit about the history of the juvenile justice system and where was the first juvenile court?2. What are the 4 D’s of juvenile justice?3. How did the Kent, Gault and Winship cases impact juvenile justice policy?4. In what ways did we “get tough” on juvenile offenders in the 1970s and 1980s.5. What are “Juvenile Transfers” and how have they changed? Are all juveniles treated the same in juvenile transfers?6. What are the differences between judicial waivers and “direct file” waivers? What are reverse waivers and decertification hearings?7. What have been some of the unintended consequences of juvenile transfer policies?8. How frequent are transfers used? How effective have they been?9. What are the current trends emerging in juvenile justice policy?10. What court cases changed the death penalty for juvenile offenders and automatic life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for juvenile offenders?GUN POLICY DISCUSSION1. After watching the frontline episode “Gunned Down” why is gun policy such acontentious issue in the U.S.?2. What are some of the common themes of “celebrated top of the wedding cake” killings in the U.S. over the last decade?3. What are some of the topics that congress consistently fights over regarding gun policy?SCHOOL POLICIES 1. What are zero tolerance policies in schools?2. When does most school age crime, and violent crime involving juveniles occur?3. When did zero tolerance policies emerge in U.S. and how/why did they grow from there?4. What was the first zero tolerance policy passed for schools?5. What are some of the points that proponents of zero tolerance in schools argue?6. What are some of the points that opponents of zero tolerance in schools argue?7. What are some of the assumptions of zero tolerance policies and how true/false are they?8. What are some of the argument for what schools should do involving zero tolerance?9. What should policies consider regarding zero tolerance policy?DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE – MENTAL ILLNESS IN THE CJS1. What is the prevalence of Persons with Mental Illness (PMIs) in the criminal justice system?2. Why are PMIs overrepresented in the CJ system?3. Who was Dorothea Dix and why was she important for mental health and CJ policy?4. What is deinstitutionalization era and what are 4 or 5 different things that lead to it?5. How common is police interaction with PMIs? What are mercy bookings?6. What is the Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act of 20047. What are some of the effective programs to work with PMIs in the CJS?8. What are mental health courts and what are they focused on?9. What is mental health probation?10. What are prison reentry and aftercare programs?11. What is CIT training?12. How do conditions of incarceration impact mental illness?13. How does use of segregation, lack of services, and medication each impact PMIs in prison or jail?14. What is incompetency to stand trial and competency restoration?15. What is the Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity defense and how often is it used?16. What are some of the issues of PMIs with community reentry?17. What are some of the recommendations for policy involving PMIs?COLUMBINE:There will be several questions of the book Columbine on quiz II. Many of these questions will simply be general questions about the book. However, some themes or things to think about in conjunction with the book are listed below. (This IS NOT the only questions that will be asked about from the text. Those who have read the book should be fine on those general knowledge questions about the text).1. How did media impact many different aspects of Columbine during and after the attack?2. Through the text – consider the differences in psychological make-up, motives, and general differences and similarities between Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.3. Where were some of the first school shootings in the U.S. and how did Columbine differ from those?4. How did Eric learn to make bombs? Where did the boys obtain their weaponsand how? How did their criminal behavior increase through the years before the school shooting?5. What were some of the media myths that grew out of Columbine? – What is the truth about targeting “jocks”, “goths” the “trenchcoat mafia” and other things that were at once thought to be true after Columbine.6. In what ways could Columbine been prevented? What were some of the things and warning signs that occurred before the shooting that may have stopped it?7. In what ways did the Jeff Co. police department mislead the public regarding the Columbine Case? What mistakes did the SWAT teams make during the shooting?8. In the Media chapter – what is the Heisenberg effect? Also, how was eyewitness testimony flawed in often discussing the Columbine case? Why was there so much confusion around how many shooters and where they were positioned etc. during the Columbine shooting?9. In chapter 8 – why were Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing important to what happened at Columbine?10. What are the basement tapes? Why do we know so much about the planningand the build-up to Columbine?11. What were the different phases of the Massacre that Eric and Dylan had planned?**Major consideration of the text: How has Columbine impacted policies around each of the topics we discussed this section of the course (or how are they related tothose policy issues in some way)- Gun policies- Zero tolerance policies in school- Juvenile Justice policies- Media and it’s impact on policy- Mental health and illness and

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