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Course Directors:Additional Instructors:Course Description:Course MaterialsRequired materialsOptional MaterialsCourse StructureTechnical AssistanceCourse ScheduleDue Dates & Time ZonesGrading PolicyGraded Course ActivitiesTop Hat Lecture Assignments:Top Hat Reading Assignments:Applied Anatomy Videos & Quizzes:Optional Zoom Case Discussions Facilitated by Medical StudentsApplied Anatomy Guest Facilitators:Unit QuizzesUnit Quiz AvailabilitySurveysGrade DeterminationGrand Point Totals for Grade DeterminationCourse PoliciesSyllabus DisclaimerCourse Communication Policy Make-Up PolicyIncomplete PolicySpecial Testing AccommodationsProfessionalism PolicyAcademic HonestyMandatory ReportingTips for SuccessStudy StrategiesGetting HelpVirtual Office HoursIndividual AppointmentsVirtual Help RoomLetters of Recommendation RequestsHonors OptionANTR 350 Human Gross Anatomy SyllabusSecti ons 001 and 002 Fall 2020Online - AsynchronousCourse Directors:Instructor: Dr. Lindsey Jenny, PhDOffice: A512 East Fee HallVirtual Office Hours:Phone: 517-353-5286Email: [email protected] (preferred contact method)Zoom Office Hours: Mondays from 11am-12pm and Thursdays from 1pm-2pmSee D2L for Zoom linksPlease contact Dr. Jenny for all course administration issues (make-up requests, grade issues, etc.)Instructor: Dr. Nicole Geske, PhDOffice: A501-B East Fee HallVirtual Office Hours:Phone: 517-353-5286Email: [email protected] (preferred contact method)Zoom Office Hours: Mondays from 2pm-3pm and Fridays from 3pm-4pmSee D2L for Zoom linksAdditional Instructors:Instructor: Dr. Jill Slade McMahon, PhDOffice: E-168 Radiology Bldg.Virtual Office Hours: by appointmentPhone: 517-884-3351Email: [email protected] (preferred contact method)Instructor: Dr. Graham Atkin, PhDOffice: A504 East Fee HallVirtual Office Hours: by appointmentPhone: 517-884-9544Page 1 of 18Email: [email protected] (preferred contact method)Please email instructors at least two days prior to preferred meeting time. Email is the preferred method of communication; phone is for last minute/emergency communications or cancellations.Course Description:In this course, we will learn about the language of anatomy and study the major anatomical structures from all the systems of the body. The course focuses on gross anatomy, meaning structures visible to the naked eye. We will also discuss relevant histological structures and embryological development. Our primary goal is to teach “normal” human anatomy in an asynchronous online format with some optional synchronous activities. Selected clinical cases and radiological images will also be presented throughout the course. This course is designed to model the professional expectations of health care education (medical, nursing, dental, etc.) and graduate school.Course MaterialsRequired materials- Internet compatible device (phone, tablet, laptop) that can access D2L, Top Hat, Zoom, and has a webcam and microphone. Top Hat is available as a webpage and as an app.- Top Hat Subscription combining Classroom and Top Hat Human Anatomy Textbooko Top Hat Course: ANTR 350 Human Gross Anatomy Fall 2020o Join code: 367691o Top Hat Human Anatomy Textbook ISBN 978-77330-578-3In an effort to reduce the cost of required materials to students, Dr. Jenny and Dr. Geske collaborated with Top Hat to develop a digital human anatomy textbook. Students will have lifetime access to this book after they purchase it. Students must purchase access to Top Hat for at least one term with the textbook. Dr. Jenny and Dr. Geske do earn a small amount of royalties from the sale of this textbook. The Michigan State University College of Human Medicine curriculum committee has approved the use of this textbook as an appropriate resource for this course.Optional MaterialsAnatomy coloring books can be a useful way to study and supplement your learning. However, all images used on assessments will be provided to you in the Learning Objective Images files posted on D2L and Top Hat). The two coloring books that we recommend are listed below:Page 2 of 18- Twietmeyer & McCracken Coloring Guide to Human Anatomy. 3rd edition, 2001, ISBN 0-7817-3042-2, Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins. - Hansen Netter’s Anatomy Coloring book. 2nd edition. ISBN 9780323545037. Elsevier.On Top Hat, there is a list of pages from these books for each week if you choose to use a coloring book as a study tool. Course StructureThe materials for this course will be delivered online through Top Hat and the course management system Desire to Learn (D2L). Zoom will be used for virtual office hours and optional case discussion sessions. The textbook reading assignments and recorded lecture assignments will be available through Top Hat. The applied anatomy activities and quizzes will be delivered through D2L. D2L will be used to keep students up to date of their assignments through the announcements, checklists, and calendar features. The D2L gradebook is the gradebook used to determine final grades. Students should log into D2L at least once a week to check for new announcements or upcoming due dates. Technical AssistanceIf you need technical assistance at any time during the course or to report a problem:D2L: call the help desk (517-432-6200 or 844-678-6200) or submit an online request through D2L Help Desk Service Request FormPlease ask that a copy of the “trouble ticket” be emailed to Dr. Jenny as documentation of the incident (in the case of make-up requests or extensions).Top Hat: contact the Top Hat Support team by email ([email protected]), through the app, online support (Top Hat Online Support), live chat, or by phone (1-888-663-5491). Please forward all communications with Top Hat support to Dr. Jenny as documentation of the incident (in the case of make-up requests or extensions).Page 3 of 18Course Schedule1. Week 1 September 2-5 Begin Unit 1 Content Top Hat Homework- due Saturday, September 12 at 11pm:i. Course policies & tips for successii. Reading Assignment 1: Introduction to Anatomyiii. Recorded Lecture: Anatomical LanguageD2L: iv. Download & read the syllabus- due Thursday, September 3 at 2pmZoom:v. Webinar to meet faculty & ask questions- optional event Thursday, September 3 from 2pm-3pm EST2. Week 2 September 6-12 – Unit 1 Top Hat Homework – due Saturday, September 12 at 11pmi. Recorded lecture: Skeletal Systemii. Recorded lecture: Axial Skeletoniii. Reading Assignment: Module 6-Axial SkeletonD2Liv. Applied Anatomy Video 1: Basic

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