Puget Sound BUS 305 - BUS305 Syllabus Spring 2021

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U N I V E R S I T Y O F P U G E T S O U N DSchool of Business and LeadershipBUSINESS 305: Fall 2020Principles of ManagementSection A 8:00-9:20amSection B 12:30-1:50pmClass LocationsTuesdays in Wyatt 101Thursdays on Zoom: Link is on CanvasSection A: https://pugetsound-edu.zoom.us/j/95291172144?pwd=Z3FuTmxlblVZdEhTWTBXSzdKUWRuUT09(passcode is 305Astart, though you should not need it)Section B: 6https://pugetsound-edu.zoom.us/j/98509903675?pwd=eDF3Q2tUKzc1b3U2aTluK3JSZk5zdz09 (passcode is 305Bstart, though you should not need it)Professor: Lynnette Claire, PhDOffice: McIntyre 111BEmail: [email protected]: 253-879-3576 office, 253-756-8896 cellVirtual Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 and by appointment on GoogleMeet The meeting name is ProfClaire, and will work when you are logged in to the G-Suite with your @pugetsound.edu credentials. Walking Office Hours: Tuesdays 11:00-12:00, Thursdays 10:00-11:00 and by appointment. If no one arrives in the first half hour (or lets me know that they will be arriving in the second half hour), I reserve the right to no longer walk around (particularly if it is raining). I will circle back to the library every five minutes or so, unless I am actively meeting with someone.Course DescriptionEach of us operates in organizational environments every day: classes, work, clubs, sports teams, etc. Some of these organizations operate efficiently and effectively while others struggle to meet their goals. Why? Principles of Management provides the building blocks to understand how organizations function and the techniques to address the challenges that managers face in directing them. You will explore how organizations function in different cultural environments. You will engage with topics in written, oral, visual and kinesthetic ways. We will investigate multiple levels of the organization: interaction between an organization and its environment,the internal workings of an organization as a whole, and the motivation and decisionmaking processes of individuals within organizations.6 Principles of Management constitutes the first course in management at the University of Puget Sound, and serves as one of five foundation courses that prepares students for more advanced coursework and organizational life.Program Goals and Course ObjectivesBUS305A&B: Principles of Management Syllabus – Spring 2021The School of Business and Leadership strives to provide you with a unique and innovative business education that prepares you for success as leaders in a complex, dynamic global environment. In addition, the School of Business and Leadership seeks to reinforce the skills and values of the liberal arts education provided across all disciplines at the University of Puget Sound. In this course, you will advance your business acumen and your liberal arts education by pursuing the following goals:- Improve your ability to manage yourself in an organization.- Understand individuals' behavior in organizations. - Understand the techniques that managers use to make an organization successful. - Recognize the opportunities and challenges of adapting management techniques to a diverse global environment.- Understand how complex environments influence organizations.- Formulate actionable questions.- Identify, evaluate and utilize management research.- Communicate in oral, written and visual forms clearly, succinctly and persuasively.Course Expectations1. Class time will combine lecture, discussion, and activities that help us understand and expand upon preparatory work. Prior to each class, you are expected to a. complete assigned readings/videos/podcastsb. think about the day's topic(s)c. write answers to focus questions and submit themd. make connections between course materials, your experiences, and other knowledgee. process and record your own thoughts 2. I expect honesty and academic integrity from you in all aspects of class. If you are not clear on the University of Puget Sound's standards, please familiarize yourself with our Student Integrity Code (https://www.pugetsound.edu/student-life/personal-safety/student-handbook/student-integrity-code/). Notably, you are expected to “conduct (yourself) responsibly and honorably in all (your) academic activities, to be fair minded and honest with all members of the Puget Sound community, and to respect their safely, right, privileges, and property.” 3. I am committed to creating an inclusive learning environment. Please notify me if aspects of this course create barriers to your participation. I need your feedback to improve!4. You need to be present and prepared, both with the content and with the body/mind energy necessary. If you are not in class, you will find this course unnecessarily challenging. Please make every effort to be prepared for class andto be fully present. Tips for being present in live class:2BUS305A&B: Principles of Management Syllabus – Spring 2021a. We now have the privilege of being together. We need to wear masks properly and stay at least six feet apart to retain this privilege. Unfortunately, this means no eating or drinking in class. Please wake up a bit earlier and have breakfast before class: It truly does help you think. We will have a short break about halfway through class: Stand up. Move. Go outside. You can eat and drink outside if you wish.b. Hopefully you are not going to be tempted by your electronic devices in class (haven’t we maxed out on our devices?). You are encouraged to take notes in whatever form is most useful to you. However, due to the distraction potential of electronic devices to both you and your classmates, if you use an electronic device in class, you will be expected to demonstrate that you are using it for legitimate class purposes. If you are using it to surf the web, check your e-mail, etc., you will be asked to turn it off and to not use your device in class in thefuture. Please turn your phone off before entering the classroom. Really. If it is on, you will be tempted to check/text—and that will not lead to a good outcome. If there is a legitimate need for you to be available via phone, please talk to me before class starts. You can check your phone during our break if needed.Tips for being present in a virtual classroom:a. Arrive to our conversation space a few minutes early to ensure that your internet connection, camera and microphone are working. If you do not have technology with these basics, please discuss your

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Puget Sound BUS 305 - BUS305 Syllabus Spring 2021

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