Module VII Safeguarding the Environment

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Module VII Safeguarding the Environmentgcp7Filename: ____________.pdfWhat are the key aspects of the Paris Agreement? Number Key Aspects1 2 Long-term temperature goal2 4 Global peaking and 'climate neutrality'3 4 Mitigation4 5 Sinks and reservoirs5 6 Voluntary cooperation/Market- and non-market-based approaches6 7 Adaptation7 8 Loss and damage8 9, 10, &11 Finance, technology and capacity-building support9 12 Climate change education, training, public awareness, public participation and public access to information10 13 & 15 Transparency implementation and compliance11 14 Global Stocktake12 21 Decision 1/CP.21What were achieved in Glasgow Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 26)?COP26 The Glasgow Climate Pact 1 Mitigation What are the 4 mitigation ambitions?1. COAL POWER2. HALTING AND REVERSING DEFORESTATION3. SPEEDING UP THE SWITCH TO ELECTRIC VEHICLES4. REDUCING METHANE EMISIONS2 Adaptation, Loss and Damage What are the 6 deliveries in COP26 that will support vulnerable countries to adapt these impacts and address, minimize and avert loss and damage??1. £274 million to support communities across Asia and the Pacific to better plan, invest in and fund climate change action, improve conservation and deliver low carbon development2. Over $27 million in additional support from the UK, India and Australia for the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI), which aims to make people safer from climate-linked disasters3. The £100 million Climate Adaptation & Resilience research framework programme (CLARE). This is jointly funded by the UK and Canada and will conduct research to deliver innovative solutions to enable five million of the most vulnerable people to adapt to the impacts of climate change4. £10 million UK, $3.5 million US and continued levels of funding from Ireland for the Least Developed Countries (LDC) Initiative For Effective Adaptation and Resilience (LIFE-AR) -Module VII Safeguarding the Environmentgcp7supporting this group to reduce their vulnerability to climate change5. $67 million for the Community Resilience Partnership Program (CRPP), including $45 million UK, EUR6 million Nordic Development Fund (NDF), EUR2 million AfD6. $150 million to Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) through contributions from International Development Association (IDA), and Sweden and GoK3 Finance Who are the mobilized sectors that will finance the cost of action to prevent climate change?1. PUBLIC SECTOR BILLIONS2. PRIVATE SECTOR TRILLIONS4 Collaboration What are the 4-breakthrough agenda?1. Power Breakthrough2. Road Transport Breakthrough3. Steel Breakthrough4. Hydrogen

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Module VII Safeguarding the Environment

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