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Bowel and Anti Emic One of the contradictions to using oral laxatives Nausea Trade name of the drug that is issued when a patient is severely constipated and needs IMMEDIATE relief Dulcolax bisacodyl Symptoms that include muscle spasms tremors rigidity Extrapyramidal EPS Type of drug that can most likely cause prolonged QT intervals Serotonin blockers Give Reglan this many minutes before meals 30 Drug that is added to Lomotil to discourage recreational use Atropine The type of fluid that a patient should drink when taking bisacodyl dulcolax Water The type of medication used to treat diarrhea caused by antibiotic therapy Probiotics Trade name of the drug used to prevent nausea vomiting prior to chemo Zofran Type of drug used to promote gastric emptying Reglan Adverse effect of some anti emetics for which a patient should rise slowly hypotension The trade name of the drug used to control nausea and to stimulate appetite in patients with advanced cancer Marinol Drug class of anti diarrheal that can cause dry mouth urinary retention blurred vision and rash Anticholinergics The condition which is a contraindication for using scopolamine Glaucoma Trade name of the drug used to evacuate the bowels for diagnostic testing Golytely Adverse effect that may be seen in patients taking lubiprostone amitza Diarrhea Type of laxative that may interfere with the absorption of fat soluble vitamins Mineral oil The type of obstruction that may be caused by not taking enough fluids with bulk forming laxatives Esophageal Symptoms include facial grimacing lip smacking tongue protrusion Tardive dyskinesia Coagulation Modifiers and Antihistamines Sign of internal bleeding in area of the body that had some sort of trauma Hematoma The blood level that is monitored as a part of heparin therapy APTT Drug classification that dissolves clots in the coronart artery Thromobolytic Max amount of days that patients should use a nasal spray adrenergic decongestant 5 Antihistamines should be taken with this to avoid gi upset Food Adverse effect of taking antihistamine Drowsiness The antidote for heparin Protamine sulfate Possible result of taking ginkgo and aspirin together bleeding Type of congestion that can be experienced when using nasal decongestants too long Rebound Generic name of the drug used to stop patients from coughing when they have a dry cough Benzonatate Type of vegetable that is high in vit K and should be avoided when taking warfarin Coumadin Broccoli Type of drug that thins out dry secretions Guaifenesin Antiplatelet drugs are used to reduce the risk of Stroke Antidote for warfarin overdose Vit K Drug that suppresses cough with direct action on the cough center Dextromethorphan Adverse effect that can happen if patient takes too much of a topical adrenergic nasal decongestant Palpations Trade name of the anticoagulant that is given ORALLY ONLY Coumadin A condition that is a contraindication to taking an antihistamine Glaucoma Type of drugs that prevent platelet plugs Antiplatelet Type of drug that is used prophylactically to prevent clos formation Anticoagulants Patients with this condition should not take decongestants Hypertension Condition that is a contraindication to taking antiplatelet drugs Thrombocytopenia The anticoagulant used until warfarin Coumadin therapeutic level are reached heparin Patients are encouraged to drink plenty of these to help loosen secretions when taking gualfenesin Humibid Fluids The amount of weeks that antiplatelet should be discontinued prior to any surgery 1 Level that is measured when on Coumadin PT INR PT 11 13 INR 0 8 1 2 Respiratory Drugs and Acid Controlling Drugs Type of drug taken for asthma to reduce inflammation Corticosteroids Type of drug used to treat flatulence Simethicone The condition that may occur after being on PPI s for too long Osteoporosis Type of antacid that should not be used with patients in renal failure Magnesium Number of hours to wait after giving medication before giving an antacid to avoid interactions 1 Needs to be eliminated in the diet when taking theophylline theolair Caffeine Take this type of drug first when prescribed both a bronchodilator and a corticosteroid Bronchodilator Type of ulcer in ICU patients that is prevented by giving the patient PPI proton pump inhibitor decreases acid production stress Adverse effect of aluminum containing antacids Constipation Number of hours prior to exercise that a LTPA should be taken 2 Type of allergy that prohibits the use of ipratropium inhalers peanut Trade name of the drug that builds a barrier to try to help heal stress ulcers Carafate The ending of the proton pump inhibitors Prazole Type of alkalosis that can be caused by taking too much sodium bicarbonate Metabolic Adverse effect patients may experience when laying down when they are taking theophylline GERD Adverse effect manly seen in the elderly when taking an H2 antagonist Confusion An adverse effect of taking magnesium antacids Diarrhea Type of hyperacidity that may occur with the use of calcium based antacids Rebound This type of oral fungal infection can occur when using inhaled corticosteroids Candidiasis This drug should not be taken if a patient smokes Theophylline Adverse effect of a beta adrenergic agonist Nervousness The ending of the H2 receptor antagonists tidine The drug class that will be prescribed along with Prilosec in treating a peptic ulcer caused by H Pylori Antibiotics Trade name of the drug given with nsaid therapy to prevent gastric ulcers Cytotec Trade name of the leukotriene receptor antagonist that needs to be taken every day Singulair used for acute asthma attack Albuterol The high end of a therapeutic theophylline level 20mcg ml Type od device used with an inhaler to help the patient coordinate the activation of the inhaler with breathing Spacer Number of min to wait when using two different types of inhalers 5 This proton pump inhibitor drug should be taken prior to eating the first meal of the day Prilosec The type of drugs that neutralizes acid already produced in the stomach Antacid The type of H2 antagonist that is effected by cigarette smoking Zantac

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